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FAQs for Mayflower Customers





Q: When can I start using Rockland Trust branches?
A: Now that the merger is complete, you can begin using any one of our more than 75 branches and over 100 ATMs.

Q: Will my branch remain open?
A: As there is some overlap in branches between Rockland Trust and Mayflower Bank, we reviewed all locations and determined which branches will help best serve customers. As a result, the following Mayflower branches were closed: Lakeville, Wareham (Onset Ave), Bridgewater, and Plymouth (Obery Street).

Q: Does Rockland Trust have telephone banking?
A: Yes. With Rockland Trust's telephone banking, you can access account information, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, and much more when and where it's convenient for you! For security reasons, you will need to establish an access number and PIN to use our telephone banking system. To establish an access number and PIN, you can visit your local branch or call our Customer Information Center at 855.785.9466.

Q: What is Rockland Trust's routing and transit (ABA) number?
A: 011304478



Q: Does Rockland Trust offer Deposit Insurance?
A: Yes. Deposits held with Rockland Trust are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000 per account owner for each account ownership category. Deposits at Mayflower Bank are similarly insured by the FDIC. As a result, the merger will not affect deposit insurance coverage for many customers. If you have accounts at both Rockland Trust and Mayflower Bank, under federal law you will continue to receive the same FDIC coverage as if your accounts were still at separate banks for six months after the merger. Certificates of Deposit will continue to receive separate FDIC insurance coverage until the first maturity date after the six-month period. After six months have passed, if your total account balance(s) exceed $250,000, any excess may not be covered by FDIC insurance. Mayflower Bank also has additional deposit insurance coverage for amounts in excess of the amounts covered by FDIC insurance through the Share Insurance Fund (SIF). Mayflower Bank's excess deposit insurance will no longer be available after the legal closing. Therefore, there may be changes to your deposit insurance coverage at that time if you have over $250,000 in your aggregate deposit accounts at Mayflower Bank. If you have questions about deposit insurance, or if you want more information on how to maximize FDIC deposit insurance, speak with your local branch. You can also visit for more information. Rockland Trust also offers Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS). CDARS is the easiest, most convenient way for individuals, businesses and public entities to enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposits larger than $250,000. As a member of the CDARS, Rockland Trust can provide you with easy access to multimillion-dollar FDIC protection on your CD investments.

Q: Will my account number(s) remain the same?
A: In most cases your account number(s) will not be changing. Your account number was communicated in the Welcome Package that was mailed to you.

Q: When will funds from deposits be available?
A: Under our Funds Availability Policy, your deposits are generally available on the first Business Day after the Business Day we receive them. Electronic direct deposits and cash deposits are generally available the Business Day we receive them. We may extend these times in certain cases.

 Q: Will Rockland Trust continue to automatically deduct payments, bills, and external loan payments from my account?
A: Yes. Electronic payment arrangements will continue uninterrupted. Important Note: If you had recurring payments processed through your Mayflower Bank debit card, be sure to provide service providers with your new debit card account number to ensure a smooth transition.

Q: What will happen to direct deposit of payroll or Social Security payments going into my account?
A: Direct deposit of payroll, Social Security, pension, or government payments will automatically continue after your account converts to Rockland Trust. However, a notification of change will be sent to the person/company who is initiating the transaction asking them to change the routing and transit number to 011304478.

Q: Can I use my current checks or deposit tickets?
A: Yes. If you have a checking account, you may continue using your existing checks beyond the merger date. In the next few weeks you will receive a communication on how to order Rockland Trust checks.

Q: Will there be any changes to my deposit statements?
A: Yes. Your statement(s) will look slightly different. You will receive your savings statement monthly if there has been an electronic transaction that month; otherwise, you will receive your statement quarterly. If you receive eStatements for your checking or savings accounts, you will continue to receive e-statements through Rockland Trust Online Banking. If you had combined statements prior to the merger, you will need to contact Rockland Trust after the merger to recombine these statements.

Q: Will I receive a new ATM and/or debit card?
A: Yes. You should have received a new ATM and/or debit card with important information about card activation. In addition, you should have received a separate mailing with your new PIN number. If you are an existing Rockland Trust debit/ATM card holder, you will receive a new card to access your converting Mayflower account. Please contact Rockland Trust  If you would like to link all of your accounts to on card.

Q: Is Rockland Trust a member of the SUMTM ATM program?
A: Yes. Rockland Trust is a member of the SUM ATM program. The SUM ATM program provides customers with the option of using over 5,000 SUM ATMs surcharge-free1. For a complete listing of SUM locations, go to

Q: Does Rockland Trust offer online banking?
A: Yes. If you are currently an online banking and bill pay customer, you will receive a separate communication with login and other important information.

Q: Will there be changes to my CD/IRA passbook account?
A: You will continue to earn interest on your CD/IRA account. However, Rockland Trust does not offer passbooks for CD accounts. If you have a CD passbook account, you will receive a notice 30 days prior to maturity. If you have an IRA account, statements will be mailed semi-annually.

Q: Will there be any changes to the interest rate of my existing Certificate of Deposit (CD)?
A: No. The interest rate and term of your existing CD will remain the same through maturity. Prior to maturity you will receive a CD pre-renewal notice. At maturity, or during the grace period of 10 calendar days following and including the maturity date, you may change the term, interest payment frequency, or principal amount of your CD. During the grace period, you may also choose not to renew your CD. If you do not make any changes, your CD will automatically renew for the term indicated on your CD pre-renewal notice.

Please note: If your CD is held for collateral against a loan, at maturity of the CD you will need to contact your branch to rewrite your loan account.

Q: Will my IRA account change?
A: No. There will be no changes to the terms of your existing IRA. Rockland Trust is now the  custodian of your IRA.

Q: Will I still have access to my overdraft protection line?
A: Yes. If you have overdraft protection and overdraw your account, you will be covered for the exact amount of the overdraft, up to the amount of your overdraft protection line.

Q: How do I make my monthly overdraft protection payment?
A: Monthly payments that are due will be automatically debited from your Rockland Trust checking account on the payment due date. You will no longer receive a monthly bill. We also offer overdraft protection by linking your checking account to your savings or money market account. Transfers made to cover overdrafts are done automatically with no charge.


Q: Are there any changes to the terms of my loan(s)?
A: No. The terms of your loan(s) will remain the same.

Q: Will my loan account number remain the same?
A: In most cases your account numbers will not be changing. Your account number was communicated in the Welcome Package that was mailed to you.

Q: Where do I make my loan payments?
A: You can make loan payments through online banking, at any Rockland Trust branch, or you can mail your payment to:

Rockland Trust
P.O. Box 32
Middleboro, MA 02346
Attention: Online Payments

If you use an online banking provider outside of Mayflower Bank, please update your account with the address above. Rockland Trust's routing number is 011304478.

Q: Will Rockland Trust continue to automatically debit my deposit account for my loan payment?
A: Yes. Any automated payment arrangement will continue uninterrupted. The bank will attempt to withdraw funds from your deposit account for three days beginning on your scheduled automatic payment date.

Q: Will I still be able to use my home equity line of credit?
A: Yes. After the merger is complete, you will still have access to your line of credit.

Q: Will I be able to use my existing home equity checks?
A: Yes. At this time, your Mayflower Bank home equity checks will continue to be honored. In the next few weeks you will receive new Rockland Trust home equity checks.

Q: I have a loan secured by collateral. What do I need to provide my insurance company? A: To update your policy, you will need to contact your insurance company and provide them with the following Mortgagee/Loss Payee information:

Rockland Trust ISAOA/ATIMA
P.O. Box 1418
Middleboro, MA 02346

Q: I still have questions. Whom can I contact?
A: Visit your local branch or contact our merger support line at 855.785.9466. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


1. Surcharges from other banks are waived when using a SUM ATM. Rockland Trust may charge you a fee to use another bank's ATM. See our fee schedule for more details. SUM and design are trademarks of NYCE Payments Network, LLC.


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