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"Actions.  Not words."  Tell us what it means to you!

Congratulations to all our weekly winners!

Remember, your vote counts.  Beginning Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 7:00 a.m. EST, until 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday, August 06, 2012, you will be able to cast your vote for the final two (2) winning entries from the ten (10) weekly entry winners through an online poll app on our Facebook promotion page. All judging will be completed by using the Facebook online poll.

A $500.00 gas card will be awarded to the two entries which depict the best entries for the theme "Actions. Not Words." as decided by public voting.

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 6/03/2012  Brian 6/1/2012 


 6/10/2012  Deborah  6/7/2012


 6/18/2012  Erin 6/12/2012


 6/25/2012  Charles 6/16/2012


7/02/2012  David 6/27/2012


7/09/2012  C.A.T.  7/03/2012


7/16/2012  Brian 7/11/2012


7/23/2012  Aidan7/18/2012


7/30/2012  Carol 7/25/2012


Week 10

Carol 07/25/2012
I am writing to tell you about the action of one of your employees, Chris at the Hanover branch.  I stopped in to do my banking on my lunch break from work.  I returned to my car to find that the battery had died.  AAA would not be able to service the car for about an hour.  I needed to return to my office to see patients within an hour and a half, and Christ volunteered to jump my car with his jumper cables!  His actions not only helped me, but also helped my patients! Thank you, Chris!

John 07/29/ 2012
I needed to change my account from another bank and called Janet at Duxbury.  She was very helpful in assisting me in making a smooth transition.  After everything was complete, she sent me a personal hand written thank you note; a very nice gesture and greatly appreciated.  A month later, she called me to see if everything was ok and if she could help in any other way.

Kevin 07/25/2012
The folks at Rockland Trust have always taken action whenever I needed them.  Many thanks to Lisa Stanteiski and her wonderful staff.  They always find a way to get the job done!

Cheryl 07/25/2012
I have had an account with Rockland Trust since I was 5 years old.  I refer all my friends and family because your service is exceptional.  I always get good service here , and even your telephone customer service is excellent!  I will never leave Rockland Trust

Week 9

Casey 07/16/2012
Just a few weeks ago I got a new job and wanted to set up a direct deposit.  I've been with Rockland Trust for four years.  I have not used a checkbook yet, but at the Hanover branch one teller helped explain the voided check process without making me feel embarrassed at my lack of knowledge.  She wrote everything down for me, gave me the online information, and even told me the savings direct deposit information.  She was really great as is one of my favorite tellers.

Leona 07/16/2012
I love the staff and service at the Bourne branch!  I have been a customer of Rockland Trust since the branch opened.  I appreciate all that Rockland Trust offers.

Alexandra 07/18/2012
To me, actions not words mean that you don't just say your going to do something; you physically get up and "do it."  Whether it is for yourself or for someone else, you do what you say you are going to do.  In the end, you feel like you have accomplished something.

Aidan 07/18/2012
Franklin High School Hockey [exemplifies "Actions.Not words"].  Every year the hockey team takes time out of busy schedule to contribute to the well being of our own town.  Between hanging wreaths in the town common and repotting plants, we help create a more positive town environment.

Sally 07/18/2012
Laurel Katsoros, branch manager, takes the time to chat briefly with customers each time I visit the bank.  It is nice to know there is a familiar face and personality that cares.

Week 8

C.A. Turbayne 07/11/2012
A few years ago, I entered a Rockland Trust on crutches. One of the branch tellers noticed that I was having difficulty and came out from the counter to help me. She then helped me with my banking in a very "good neighbor" way. I was most impressed. Later in the fall, I bought her some cider; she was very pleased and sent me a thank you note! Yes, her actions DO speak louder than her words.

Edna 07/11/2012
I have had some positive experiences with Rockland Trust; time outstanding one is "Reading makes Cents" program which gives children $25 for reading 10 books in the summer.  Last year was my first year entering my children. My children now look forward to reading with Rockland Trust.  Awesome staff.

Rich 07/11/2012
I had a checking account at Rockland Trust, I was never able to balance it.  As a matter of fact it was off by hundreds.  The branch manager at the Cohasset branch took my register and figured out where I went wrong.  This was way more than I could have ever asked for…. Thank you.

Brian 07/11/2012
Action speaks volumes for me.......
    I had the most rewarding,  life experience at Rockland Trust in Bellingham, MA.  After two unsuccessful attempts at other banks, I found an employee that sincerely cared about my situation, listened to my story and simply helped me.
    Earlier this year, after my mother passed away, I had the daunting task of settling her estate.  Emotionally drained, I was charged with the task of getting medallion stamps on a deep stack of financial documents.
    The Branch Manager, surprised by the volume, displayed empathy, explained the process and without hesitation proceeded.  Two hours later, one-on-one, we completed the process.   For the first time ever, in a bank, I felt important.  
    This was 5 star service !  

Nancy 07/11/2012
Each time I call customer service, I have a very personal and professional experience with your call center.  Several times the call center has given me in credit the $33.00 over draft fee, even if it is my fault.

Rob 07/11/2012
How refreshing to meet a bank that understands their customers.  While other banks make claims of "community" they have pushed their youngest customers out the door with low-balance fees.  On the other hand, Rockland Trust engages the youngest members of our community with their summer reading program- teaching them to earn and save during the days of summer.  My kids call Rockland Trust "the nice bank."

Week 7

C.A. T.  07/03/2012
"Beyond the call of duty" is the best way to describe bank manager Hanwar Harnett.  He is a very caring person who takes and interest in you while at the bank.  One feels comfortable and confident being in good hands when it comes to banking matters.  Why would I want to go to another bank?!

Joy 07/03/2012
Actions mean more than lip service.  Its integrity matched with a conscience effort to deliver a promise or agreement in a timely manner.  I get that at Rockland Trust and will continue to bank here.

Katieina 07/03/2012
I just LOVE Meghan, the teller/customer service representative at the Seekonk branch.  I have known Meaghan for a couple of years and her customer service and commitment to service keeps improving each year.  In addition to helping me with two accounts, she is always recommending new items/products the bank has to offer.

Wendy 07/03/2012
It [Actions. Not words] means speaking to a representative from Rockland Trust (not a phone menu) and having someone from the local branch recognize my name and voice and quickly answer my questions.

Marilyn 07/06/2012
The actions of Anne, and employee of Rockland Trust, helped turn a nightmare situation into what ended up as a learning experience.  After loading my car with groceries, I drove off leaving my pocketbook in the shopping cart.  I raced back but those at the service desk knew nothing.  Later I discovered that the individual had taken it home but called my son.  Some might think that Anne's support, sympathy, and advice were part of her job; not so!  The advice maybe, but her caring support was invaluable.

Week 6


Ellen 6/28/2012
Actions to me means 100% more than just words alone.  Do what you mean, not just telling me what I need to hear.

Steven 6/29/2012
Leading by example is the absolute best way to go about things.  Words will only go so far. One may push someone away through words.  So after that, what do we have left?  Our actions.  Actions speak louder than words.  A simple smile or a friendly gesture goes a long way.   

David 6/27/2012 david
One of the most "down to earth" employees is Janet Giacomozzi, manager of the Hull branch.  I was in to do some banking and she treated me with the utmost respect and kindness.  Not only have I experienced this comfort and level banking experience, but after over 50 years that my family has banked with RTC, it still remains #1 for us.

Cheryl 6/26/2012
I am constantly telling friends and family that they need to use Rockland Trust when they complain about other banks' fees.  I love coming here for many reasons, but one of them is the recognition I get while doing my banking.  Most tellers will even remember my name!

Week 5

Charles 6/16/2012
My positive experience here is that people are exceptionally nice, very polite, and always willing to lend a helping hand. That is just the way it is here and it is absolutely great. This is a wonderful place to get your money.

Sandra 6/18/2012
I am a satisfied Rockland Trust customer. I have savings, checking, and a safe deposit box with my local branch. I process my mortgage through Rockland Trust. I also have electronic funds transfer for some of my expenses.

Jason 6/19/2012
Everyone in South Yarmouth is very nice and friendly. I transferred to Rockland Trust from Bank of America and am very happy!  Renee opened my account and it didn't talk long; I was pleased!

Week 4

Robert 6/14/2012
Actions speak louder than words when the action involves using words-speaking to me in a friendly and welcoming manner and having the teller call me by name… that's so important to me and members of my family!

Vincent 6/14/2012
The efficiency of the bank, no errors, great attitude, courtesy towards customers is what counts here, not false hype.

Gary 6/12/2012
Every time I do business with the Milford office I have a positive experience, especially with the assistant manager and head teller.

Erin 6/12/2012
I'm always greeted with a smiling face and friendly attitude EVERY time I enter my Rockland Trust branch. My questions and concerns are always addressed promptly and kindly. I'm always referring people to RT because their "actions" mean so much to me!

Rick & Natalie 6/12/2012
In our eighties, we found it necessary to move closer to our family. The details were overwhelming. Our daughter directed us to your bank where a lovely young woman was both through and very pleasant. Thank you for your help.

Week 3


Laura 6/6/2012
Hannover Rockland Trust has helped me with my (first) grandchild by helping me start a savings account for him. I give him a gold dollar coin for every day, Elissa and Rockland Trust staff members never mind going through what they have to finds the nice, shiny coins! Always so friendly; thank you!

Kyle 6/6/2012
I came into the Milford, MA branch to open a checking account with an ATM/debit card. I needed the ATM/debit card prior to my shipping out to US Coast Guard Recruit Training. Manager John Ciccarelli got me my card in a hurry and explained the process to me. Actions speak louder than words.

Dan 6/6/2012
I switched my business banking from X Bank to Rockland Trust, and I could not be happier with the results. The customer service I receive every day from Erin Leary (Norwell branch) was outstanding. Ever experience I've had has been positive.

 Deborah 6/7/2012
Recently, I made a visit to Rockland Trust in Milford and was kindly assisted by John Ciccarelli, the branch manager. The reason for my visit was that my mom had recently passed away, and being executer of her estate, it is my responsibility to handle her accounts. It is such an emotional time when one unexpectedly loses a parent. Resolving family finances is not only emotional, but can also be very complicated as well. John greeted me in such a friendly manner, I felt immediately at ease. My banking was handled in a professional, speedy, and knowledgeable manner. At the same time, John listened to my needs as a person. It was such a pleasure to work with someone that is businesslike and informed, yet kind and caring. He helped guide my decision making process in the right direction to a sound resolution. Thank you, John and Rockland Trust for your actions which more than satisfied my banking needs in a neighborly fashion.

Sandy 6/76/2012
Kathy Sullivan always goes above and beyond all of my expectations. While I was on vacation and my dog was ill, my son was able to access my account with a signed check we left with Kathy; she saved the dog!

Week 2

Michael   5/29/2012
I have dealt with Rockland Trust on a commercial level when looking to obtain loans for condominium associations. My experience with their service on the commercial side swayed me to open a personal account with Rockland Trust's Newton branch. On multiple occasions, I've had to reach out to customer support, and I must say, they have the best support team I have ever dealt with. Each representative I've talked to has been extremely helpful and accommodating. I'm proud to say I've been banking with Rockland Trust for the last three to four years and recommend the bank to all my friends and family members.  

K.    5/31/2012
A couple of years ago, my wife and I needed to remortgage our home for a better interest rate to weather the current economic environment. We checked with several banks and ended up with the two lowest rates from Rockland Trust and a slightly lower rate offer from a much larger bank. RTC matched the lower rate of the other bank, and helped us save our home while our youngest finished college. That's what "Actions. Not words." means.

Jean     5/31/2012
We do most of our family's banking on Cape Cod at Rockland Trust's South Yarmouth branch. In 16 years, we have never seen a bank officer alone in her office when the tellers in the lobby are extra busy taking care of customers. Because of this, we have kept our account through more than one change of ownership.

William     5/31/2012
Dawn friend! Great personality, really bank smart. When I was ill for three months, she helped my daughter with all my banking needs. She visited me in the hospital. She drove me to Cape Cod, met two friends, and they opened accounts because of her. Rockland Trust is lucky to have her!

 Brian 6/1/2012 
I am a Pastor and also work in the non-profit world. I deal with people and with vendors all the time. So I know about the importance of relationships. When I wanted a bank that had the features of a "big bank" like mobile banking, mobile deposit, etc., but had the personal feel of a credit union, I began to search online and to ask around. Almost immediately, the name Rockland Trust came up. I went to a branch and explained the desire to switch banks. That was almost 6 months ago and I have never been so impressed with an organization. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful people have been quick to resolve issues and find solutions to my banking needs. I tell everyone about my bank! I am grateful that I found Rockland Trust and only wish I had switched years ago! Keep up the great work.

Cynthia 6/1/2012
It's more like, when have I ever had a bad experience! Rockland Trust has been my bank for 20 years. I have taken out loans. Very, very accommodating! Love my people at the Chatham branch!