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Top 11 reasons we're a Great Place
to Work... we couldn't stop at 10!

  1. Committed Employees: We have a strong emotional connection to our organization which profoundly influences our effort and contribution. It's simply the reason we're successful.

  2. Clearly Defined Values: Our values are communicated within our promises to our colleagues, community, customers and shareholders. Our values include: teamwork, inclusion, responsibility, ethical behavior and building enduring relationships.

  3. Dynamic Organization: We are a bank you can truly be proud of! We were named by Boston Globe as "One of the 100 Best Companies in Massachusetts" for the 5th consecutive year.  

  4. Strong Rewards and Recognition: We reward a job well done.  

  5. Stable and Profitable: Proud of over 100 years of quality service, we have demonstrated a capacity to execute strategic plans and deliver profitable results. Learn More.  

  6. Growth Strategy: We are a forward thinking organization with a vision of growth and success.

  7. Commitment to Community: We strengthen the places where we work and live, while building enduring relationships. Learn More.  

  8. Strong Coaching Philosophy: A strong relationship is developed between employees and managers. Together, we set goals for success!

  9. High Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: We are truly a place where each relationship matters. Our satisfied customers recommend their family and friends to do business with Rockland Trust because of the advocacy, stability and knowledge our staff provides.  

  10. Community of Colleagues: We are committed to a culture of teamwork, inclusion and employee engagement where everyone is empowered to do their best by supporting each other. Learn More.  

  11. A Place Where Talent is Developed: We make every effort to recruit, retain, train and develop talent within the organization by providing meaningful and challenging assignments.  

Why Work For
Rockland Trust?

Our goal is to offer our colleagues the most generous benefits package possible, as well as an environment that supports a healthy work-life balance.