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Cash Management

Is your cash flow working as hard for your business as you do?

At Rockland Trust, our group of relationship advisors has advanced financial tools at their disposal to help you improve cash flow, maximize investments, lower costs, and better control your company's funds.


  • Wholesale/Retail Lockbox - expedite the collecting, processing, and depositing of checks and remittances.
  • ACH - improve company's payment processing efficiency and reduce expenses.
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) - disbursement accounts can be automatically funded by a concentration account to cover daily clearings.
  • Automatic Sweep to Investment - designed for clients who seek to maximize their liquid funds with an automated, collateralized, investment vehicle.
  • Automatic Sweep to Line of Credit/Investment - monies will automatically fund an investment instrument or pay down a line of credit depending on the daily cash position.
  • Wire Transfer Services - provide an efficient mechanism for moving money on a same-day basis.


  • Partial Reconciliation - Rockland Trust will provide a list of your checks
    paid in serial number sequence.
  • Full Reconciliation - Rockland Trust will produce an outstanding list of 
    checks paid, matched against your check issue file.
  • Deposit Reconciliation - records store/department locations in accordance    
    with your parameters.
  • Positive Pay - validates check number and amount against your check issue file.  Assists in mitigating fraud.


  • Remote Deposit - expedites funds availability and eliminates trips to the bank.  Subject to approval.
  • Cash Management Online Banking - an all-inclusive, internet-based platform which shows daily balances and activity; enables initiation of stop payments, internal transfers, ACH, and wire transfers; and allows for the printing of monthly statements.
  • Tax Payments - pay federal or state taxes with the convenience of a click from our home page or using a touch tone phone. Click here to enroll.

Commercial Checking

Commercial Checking is the ideal type of checking account for those clients with high transaction volume or those in need of cash management services. Service charges may be off-set by balances maintained in your Commercial Checking Account.

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Contact Us

To learn more about our Cash Management services, call  888.878.7824 or email us to meet with a Cash Management officer.