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Whether you require short-term working capital or a comprehensive strategy to realize your company's vision, Rockland Trust is here to help. We provide an array of financing options to local businesses. 

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Looking closely at your business needs, our team of commercial lending experts will help you understand your financing options and determine which ones can work best for you.

  • Commercial Loans - Revolving lines of credit, term loans, and letters of credit can provide much-needed capital for day-to-day operating expenses.
  • Equipment Financing - Competitive rates and flexible repayment terms make this a viable option to consider for assistance with equipment purchases.
  • Commercial Mortgage Loans - Traditional long-term financing may be the best solution for your real estate acquisition, renovation, and refinancing needs.
  • Construction and Land Development Loans - Available for a variety of construction and rehabilitation projects, these loans can be customized to accommodate your business plan.
  • New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Loans - Designed specifically for substantial renovation or construction projects within low-income communities, the U.S. Treasury's NMTC Loans are available through Rockland Trust at below-market interest rates. Learn more about the program and eligibility requirements.
  • Asset Based Loans - Secured primarily by accounts receivable and inventory, these working capital lines of credit can keep your business moving. 
  • Dealer Inventory Financing - Financing for your inventory of new and used automobiles, motorcycles, boats, motor homes, and recreation vehicles can be arranged through the Rockland Trust Dealer Floor Plan Department.  For more information, contact Steven Ingalls at or call 508.880.2037. 
  • Small Business and Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans - Developed to help stimulate the economy, the SBA 504 Loan Program provides a fixed-asset financing tool that helps Americans start, build, and grow businesses. As one of Massachusetts' top SBA Loan lenders, Rockland Trust can approve most SBA guaranteed loans quickly and easily. For more information, visit

To learn more about how our Commercial Lending team can help you, call or visit one of our Commercial Lending Centers


Rockland Trust ranked #1 Commercial Lender

Ranked #1 Commercial Lender



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