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About Compass

Our Experience

Experience is invaluable. We have completed over $25 billion of exchange transactions of all types. We have worked on some of the most complex exchanges for the most sophisticated investors. Our clients include public REITs, private real estate companies, Fortune 500 corporations and individual investors. Our experience drives our solutions-oriented service and allows us to provide strategies for common and uncommon exchange issues.

Our Approach

Compass takes a unique, hands-on approach to our clients' transactions. We are dedicated to client satisfaction, offering the highest level of professional service and expertise. We help our clients and their advisors establish the objectives of their exchange transactions and bring a solutions-oriented approach to meet those objectives. We are flexible and tailor our documents to achieve the desired objectives of our clients and their advisors. We actively participate in bringing our knowledge to bear in each client's transaction. We are personally involved in every transaction and are available at all times for consultation.

Safety & Security

Through our escrow arrangement with our parent bank, exchange funds are held in an account at Rockland Trust, and are FDIC insured (up to applicable limits) and remain safe, secure, and liquid. Larger balances are held in trust or escrow arrangements and invested in institutional class money market mutual funds selected by the customer, or in another money center bank if required by our client. Funds cannot be transferred without dual signatures of the client and Compass. No other QI offers this degree of flexibility.

When Compass "parks" a client's property in a reverse like-kind exchange, Compass' documents implement state-of-the-art creditor protections so that clients are assured that they will have control of the property, income from the property, and the ability to acquire or transfer the parked property without any risks.

Compass' personnel are highly-experienced, well-trained, and ethical, with many years of like-kind exchange experience without incident. Compass is a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. Additionally, Compass carries Fidelity Bond and Errors and Omissions as a subsidiary of Rockland Trust Company.

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