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What is an ECR?

An Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) is an earnings allowance that Rockland Trust gives you for deposits in non-interest bearing commercial accounts. This earnings allowance is used to reduce the amount of monthly service fees that you pay. While most banks tie their ECR to the 90-day T bill rate, which often results in a low ECR, Rockland Trust's ECR is significantly higher than average. 


How does it work?

Generally, accounts with larger monthly balances benefit most from ECR. The ECR is applied to the average collected daily balance at month's end, resulting in a credit that offsets any monthly service fees.

Are you paying too much for your banking?

Simply give us 15 minutes to review your current bank statement and determine how much you could save. To schedule a complimentary review email us at or call 888.878.7824. 

The ECR is only applicable for the Commercial Checking product. Rates subject to change.