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Wonder if you're getting the most from
your bank?

Take the Rockland Trust service charge challenge!

In this low-interest rate environment, some say that you've got to "save money to make money." Finding ways to save money by reducing or eliminating fees may mean more to your bottom line than any interest rate.

Are you paying too much for your banking? Simply give us 15 minutes of your time to review your current bank statement and determine how much you could save by moving your business accounts to Rockland Trust.

Most of our new customers are pleasantly surprised to see what banking with the bank where each relationship matters really means. For example:

New England Restaurant Chain

Saved over $26,000 annually on service fees. Moved to Rockland Trust and on top of adding services to their relationship, they saved over $2,200 a month!

Senior Housing/Healthcare Co.

Saved over $24,000 annually on service fees. With multiple accounts and locations, switched to Rockland Trust and saved over $2,000 a month!

Click here to set up an appointment for our service charge challenge!