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A Century of Commercial Banking Experience

Just like you, we're a local business.

Rockland Trust's reputation as a reliable commercial banking resource is as old as Rockland Trust itself. That's because we started as a commercial bank, and have grown to become the largest publicly traded commercial bank headquartered in Massachusetts.

From yesterday…

In 1907, a group of local manufacturers in our area were unable to obtain financing because their competitors controlled all the banks in the area. Taking matters into their own hands, they sold shares and acquired First National Bank of Rockland. The new institution, the Rockland Trust Company, opened a new flow of credit to not only the manufacturers, but also other local businesses.

…to today.

Fast forward to the 21st century. A team of more than forty veteran commercial bankers currently work at Rockland Trust, providing our customers with experience and convenience.

In touch with the region, in touch with you.

Rockland Trust's Commercial Bankers are your neighbors. Like you, they live here, work here, and know exactly what it's like to do business in our region-in good times, and not-so-good times.

Your Rockland Trust Commercial Banker will work with you through every stage of your transaction. Before we make any credit decisions, we get to know you and your business, and make sure we understand your goals and needs. And just like you, our business is local, so we know the local economy, and understand the business climate in which you are operating. Equally important, we also make our decisions quickly, because your business moves quickly.

Discover complete commercial banking services.

Commercial lending  - always tailored to meet the financing needs of your business:

  •  Commercial mortgages
  •  Construction and land development loans
  •  Term loans
  •  Working capital lines of credit
  •  Equipment financing 
  •  Asset-based loans

Cash management  - Our team of cash management specialists bring a personal touch to our robust cash management solutions.

Community association banking -  Rockland Trust is the only local bank with a team of experts expressly dedicated to serving the unique banking needs of community associations.

Contact Us

To meet with a Rockland Trust Commercial Banker, please contact one of our conveniently located Commercial Banking Offices. To find the office nearest you, click here.