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Ethical and Fiduciary Standards

Trust in the highest standards of conduct.

Today more than ever, investors are demanding transparency and integrity from their financial advisors. When you entrust your assets to the Rockland Trust Investment Management Group, you can take comfort in knowing that we've built our business on ethical practices since opening our doors in 1907.

Operating under our trust charter, we are proud to uphold the highest standards of fiduciary care. We believe that you deserve:

  • Industry-leading levels of transparency
  • Rigorous due diligence and robust suitability standards 
  • Product and service solutions that are strictly aligned with your financial goals

Our highly experienced team members hold industry-leading certifications that require adherence to strict ethical standards.  Our deep commitment to the proper stewardship of your financial assets is based on:


  • How people of prudence, discretion, and intelligence manage their own affairs
  • Rational investment decisions in relation to the portfolio as a whole
  • Indentifying risk and return objectives that are reasonably suited to your long-term goals


  • We develop solutions based solely on your best interest.
  • We intentionally avoid any potential or perceived conflict of interest.
  • We maintain an unwavering commitment to achieving your financial goals in difficult market conditions.

Risk Management

We believe that minimizing downside risk is a key component in achieving your long-term financial goals. We're committed to mitigating those risks to every extent we can.

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