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Investment Management

A relationship that strives to minimize your risk, maximize your returns.

You can have confidence in your Rockland Trust IMG portfolio.  No matter the amount you invest or your goals, some significant advantages stand behind your assets:

  • A disciplined, rigorous approach to the investment management process
  • A highly experienced and credentialed team
  • A philosophy of diversification and downside protections

Constructing your portfolio

The key to protecting and building your wealth over time is creating a well-diversified portfolio that addresses your unique circumstances. We begin with a disciplined and rigorous analysis, designed to capitalize on the evolution in the investment management industry. We then build and balance your portfolio with:

Core Equity. These are companies focused on growing earnings independent of economic variables, and stocks that aim to consistently produce an above-average return with lower market risk over a full market cycle. Our selection process includes:

  • Proprietary multi-factor quality screening process
  • Fundamental bottom-up analysis
  • Quantitative multi-factor forced ranking system

Core Fixed. These investments seek to avoid default risk. By leveraging laddered maturities, a steady portion of your portfolio matures every year and is reinvested at the prevailing interest rate. Our disciplined approach focuses on:

  • High-quality issues
  • Very flexible and liquid holdings
  • Non-callable bonds
  • Protection from interest rate changes

Alternative Asset Managers. We believe diversification is a critical component in constructing investment portfolios with superior performance. We focus only on asset classes that benefit the portfolio construction process and asset managers who:

  • Have substantial investment experience in that asset class
  • Invest in a disciplined manner
  • Demonstrate a consistent risk-adjusted return profile
  • Prefer lower relative volatility
  • Take a long-term view (low portfolio turnover)
  • Incur low expenses



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