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Puzzled by the rollover process?

Consolidate your retirement savings plans & IRA accounts.

By consolidating your IRAs or multiple retirement savings accounts from previous employers, you will get a more clear financial picture, making it easy to allocate funds and be sure your money is working for you.

Benefits of working with the Investment Management Group at Rockland Trust:

  • We make it easy to move your old 401(k) or IRA - we'll call your former employer with you to ensure transfer of funds.
  • Our team is local, so you can always get a personal meeting when you want one. 
  • You'll get access to best-in-breed funds for your money.

At the Investment Management Group, we will make the transfer of your assets simple and streamlined - giving you increased confidence that your money is working to your benefit.

For advice, solutions, and the products to enhance your financial future, call 800.826.6101 today.


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