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"One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade."

Chinese Proverb

The Rockland Trust Investment Management Group's Trust Administration team shares your goal: to create and maintain financial security for you and your family.

By naming Rockland Trust as your trustee, you benefit from years of experience in the administration of trust accounts. We prudently manage your investments, strive to minimize tax liabilities, and ensure the reliable disbursement of funds. We manage your assets according to your written guidelines with attention to every detail. Our professionals have the expertise and sensitivity to manage estate settlements smoothly and efficiently. We are here for you, as well as for your heirs and beneficiaries, every step of the way. Our team consists of:

  • 9 trust professionals
  • 225 years of combined experience
  • 6 advanced degrees
  • 6 Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) designations

Choose your trustee with care.

A trustee is the person you name to implement the instructions in your trust. A trustee could be a relative, a close friend, a lawyer, or a financial institution. A trustee responsibility is a long-term commitment requiring a close working relationship.

When selecting a trustee, ask these questions:

  • Does the trustee have knowledge and experience in the role?
  • Will the trustee act impartially toward the beneficiaries and carry out your wishes as expressed in the trust?

When considering a financial institution as a trustee, consider:

  • The firm's stability and roots in the community
  • The scope and quality of services provided
  • The experience and credentials of the team
  • How the trust will be monitored and managed
  • Do the personal and financial values complement your own?

Together with your estate planning attorney, accountant, and other advisors, we will assist in designing an estate plan that will meet your goals and transfer wealth to your heirs and beneficiaries. We have been in the trust business for nearly a century. Your family can rely on us when they need us most.

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