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Mobile Banking and mDeposit

User Enrollment Options

Mobile banking enrollment via online banking >>

As an online banking customer, you can enroll in mobile banking through your online account.

Enroll through online banking:

  1. Login to your online banking account.
  2. Click on Mobile under Preferences.
  3. On the Mobile Enrollment tab, check the box to enable your online banking User ID and Password for use on your mobile device.
  4. To have the Mobile URL sent to your device enter your email address in the space provided.
  5. From this page, you can also set up a 4 digit Mobile Authorization code for certain transactions types.
  6. Your mobile device is now registered.  If you selected the Text Banking tab, fill in the appropriate information to enable. Text HELP to receive a list of text commands available.
  7. Click the Submit button and your mobile banking is now activated. 

Download the Rockland Trust Mobile Banking app >>

Once you have registered your mobile device you can download the app.
Note:  There is an app for Rockland Trust mobile banking which gives you access to your account information and a separate app for Rockland Trust mDeposit which allows you to deposit checks through your smartphone (see mDeposit information further down on this page).

  1. Download the Mobile app to your mobile phone. Note: If you used mobile banking prior to January 23, 2013, you should delete the old mobile banking app from your phone.
  2. Follow your device prompts to complete download process.  Launch app.
  3. Enter your online banking User Id and Password.
  4. You are now enrolled and will be presented with the Main Menu.


Rockland Trust customers can securely deposit checks to their Rockland Trust accounts anytime, anywhere, with our mDeposit app.  mDeposit is available for the iPhone®, iPad2®, 4g IPod Touch®, AndroidTM, and computer with scanner. Simply snap photos of the front and back of the check and submit to Rockland Trust.  That's how easy it is to complete a deposit. 

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