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Text Banking

The easiest way to get account information without a smartphone or data plan.

Text a command to 226563

Use text banking to
Check balances, view account history and make transfers.

 Text (SMS) Banking Shortcut Commands    (Text 226563)

Text BAL or BAL + account nickname

Get account balance

Text HIST + account nickname

Get account history

Text XFER + From Account nickname + To Account nickname + amount

Transfer funds between accounts


receive a list of all commands


receive website and phone number for help with text banking


Stop all text messages to the mobile device 


You must be an online banking customer to use text banking.

To get started with Text banking:

  1. Login to your online banking account. You can login now by clicking here
  2. Click on Mobile under Preferences.
  3. On the Mobile Enrollment tab, check the box to enable your online banking User ID and Password for use on your mobile device and click Submit.
  4. Under the Mobile Authorizations tab, you can create a 4 digit mobile authorization code that will enable to make transfers from your mobile phone. After entering your self-created code in the box, click Submit.
  5. Select the Text Banking tab, fill in the appropriate information to enable and authorize text banking, and click Submit.
  6. When promtped, click Yes and click the on the boxes next to each of your accounts that you would like to be able to access via text banking
  7. Click the Submit button and your mobile banking is now activated. You will receive a welcome text from Rockland Trust shortly after completing this process.
  8. Text HELP to receive a list of text commands available. 

Not an online banking customer?           Enroll Now>>