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Business Overdraft Protection

Rockland Trust offers two options so you can cover your business in the event of a budget shortfall. You can utilize your savings account by tying it to your primary business checking or you can use a line of credit.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit


Take the worry out of writing checks. With a Rockland Trust Overdraft Protection Line of Credit1, you'll avoid the embarrassment, inconvenience, and expense of returned checks. Get automatic coverage, up to your available credit line, whenever you write a check or make a withdrawal for more than your checking account balance.

Overdraft Protection from Savings

Our Overdraft Protection from Savings option prevents an overdraft on your account by transferring the needed funds from your business savings account to your business checking account. Money is automatically withdrawn from your business savings account and deposited to your checking account when a check is processed and there are insufficient funds in the account to honor the check.

To apply, please visit your local branch or call 888.878.7824.

1. Subject to credit approval.



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