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Eligibility and Offer Fulfillment

It's easy to enroll in Rockland Trust Workplace Banking:

  • Your organization must be a Rockland Trust business, commercial, municipal, or retirement plan customer and enrolled in the Rockland Trust Workplace Banking program for employees to be eligible for participation. Not sure if your company is enrolled? Call your Relationship Manager or 800.222.2299 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.
  • At the time of account opening/application, employees must have proof of employment with program-eligible/enrolled business.
  • A Workplace Checking account with direct deposit is required for all other offers associated with the Rockland Trust Workplace Banking program [ex. the bonus on CD/IRA products].

If your organization is not a Rockland Trust business customer, or is but is not yet enrolled in the Rockland Trust Workplace banking program, contact us today by calling 800.222.2299 or sending an email:


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