Smart ATMs

Can I deposit cash at any ATM?

Rockland Trust has installed envelope-free ATMs at all of our locations. These new ATMs make your automated banking even more convenient.


  • Color touch-screen menus 
  • Envelope-free deposits (for cash and checks) 
  • Cash deposits available for immediate withdrawal 
  • Checks deposited on a business day by 7:00 p.m. post the same day*
  • Enhanced image receipts 
  • Faster and easier deposits 
  • On-screen cash deposit details

With on-screen verification, the machines scan any check you insert and display the check on-screen so you can make sure the right amount is being deposited. If you deposit cash, the number and denomination of bills is posted on-screen for your verification, too.

For more information about the new machines, review the ATM FAQs below or visit a branch new you. 


Q. Should I use an envelope for my deposits?

A. No. The new, improved ATM machines instantly verify deposits so envelopes are not necessary. Instead, you can deposit checks directly into the check reader in stacks of up to 30, or insert a stack of up to 40 bills into the cash acceptor. The on screen instructions will guide you through the process. 

Q. How many bills can I put in the machine at one time?

A. You can deposit up to 40 bills at one time. The bills may be facing any direction but must be unfolded. 

Q. Can I deposit cash and checks in the same transaction?

A. Yes. However, cash and check(s) must be deposited separately. The ATM will prompt you to continue your transaction, so you can deposit additional cash and/or checks. 

Q. Do I need to sort my cash before depositing it?

A. No. The machine will automatically sort and count your cash deposit. Bills cannot be folded or bundled. Coins cannot be accepted for deposit into the ATM. 

Q. Can I verify the accuracy of my deposit before completing the transaction?

A. Yes. You can see the check(s) and the amount onscreen for instant verification. For cash deposits, you'll see a count of each denomination. Your deposit receipt will include an itemized listing of all deposited cash, plus images of deposited checks. 

Q. Can I cancel a transaction after I have inserted my cash or check(s) for deposit?

A. Yes. Simply touch the screen where indicated and the ATM will return your cash and/or check(s). 

Q. Why is the ATM prompting me to enter my Personal Identification Number (PIN) again?

A. With the ATM, you begin your transaction by inserting and removing your card quickly from the card-reader. This is different from having your card remain in the ATM throughout your transaction, so you may be prompted to re-verify your PIN when you complete more than one transaction at a time. 

Q. Will the ATM allow me to split my deposit among more than one Rockland Trust account?

A. No. You can still achieve the same goal by depositing the entire amount in one account and then performing a transfer between your accounts. 

Q. What should I do if I experience issues with my transaction?

A. If you have any questions about the new ATM machines or problems with your transactions, please contact Rockland Trust customer service or phone 508.732.7072 .

* Exceptions apply. See your account agreement