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Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Request Process

Please read this entire page before submitting your Forgiveness application. We’ll cover:

For assistance with calculating your payroll summary please download the PPP Payroll Summary workbook.

PPP Forgiveness Process Overview
PPP SBA Arrow Chart


Portal Set Up

When you receive your email invitation to access the Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness portal you will be asked to set up a password.

Then you will be directed to the welcome page where you will see a list of your loan(s).

ppp portal set up screenshot


PPP Forgiveness Calculation Overview
PPP Forgiveness Calculation Overview
Identifying your EZ Forgiveness Application Eligibility

From there you will be asked a series of questions that will help determine whether you are eligible for the EZ Forgiveness application or the Standard Form 3508 application.

image showing PPP EZ forgiveness application

To help you answer these questions, you may find it helpful to review our or Forgiveness FAQs.

If you meet one of the following criteria, you will be eligible for the EZ application:

  • You are a self-employed individual, a sole proprietor, or independent contractor who did not have employees at the time of the PPP loan application and did not include any employee salaries in the computation of average monthly payroll in the Borrower PPP Loan Application Form. OR

  • You can certify that no individual employee pay rates were reduced during the Covered Period when compared to the first quarter of 2020 by more than 25%, AND

  • You can certify that you did not reduce the number of employees or the average paid hours of employees between January 1, 2020 and the end of the Covered Period when compared to the earlier reference period or meet the full-time equivalent employee (FTE) Safe Harbor provision. OR

  • You can certify that no individual employee pay rates were reduced during the Covered Period when compared to the first quarter of 2020 by more than 25%, AND

  • You were unable to operate during the Covered Period at the same level of business activity as before February 15, 2020, due to compliance with requirements established as a result of COVID -19.

Depending on how you answer the questions, you will either be taken through the process to submit your application via EZ or the standard form.

Information Confirmation
From here you will be asked to:

  • Confirm your information (your SBA and loan numbers will be imported for you)
  • Select your payroll period (weekly, biweekly)
  • Select 8 or 24 weeks for your Covered Period (24 will be automatically selected if you received your loan after June 5)

For administrative ease, you may choose the Alternative Payroll Covered Period to align your cash compensation paid with your weekly or bi-weekly payroll cycle (the Alternative Payroll Covered Period may start up to 13 days after the Covered Period start).


Documents for Upload

Then you must upload documentation for funds spent during your Covered Period. To review the list of required visit our Documentation Checklist page

image showing PPP documentation checklist

Required for each application

  • Proof of payroll (tax forms)
  • Bank statements (documenting cash compensation paid to employees)

Only required if funds were allocated for nonpayroll expenses

  • Proof of business mortgage payments
  • Proof of business rent or lease payments
  • Proof of Business utilities payments

You will then be walked through the actual forgiveness amounts for each of these expenses noting 60% must be allocated to payroll while 40% can be allocated toward other approved expenses.

For more information on how to determine your Forgiveness amount, please visit our Determining Your Forgiveness Amount webpage.


PPP Payroll Summary Workbook

To help you organize your payroll before submitting for Forgiveness, we’ve created a PPP Payroll Summary Workbook that can be downloaded here.

This workbook has two sheets within the document: “Summary Payroll Template” and “OPTIONAL – Detail Weekly Pay”.

  1. Summary Payroll Template – This template is a place for you to summarize the FTE, hours worked and wages and benefits paid to each employee over the Covered Period. You will need to complete the following information for each employee on payroll at any time during the Covered Period. The cells you need to populate are highlighted in green in the attached document.

    1. Employee Name
    2. Employee Identifier
    3. Average FTE
    4. # of Weeks Worked
    5. Total Gross Wage – Covered Period
    6. Total Benefits Cost
    7. Total Healthcare Cost
    8. Total State Unemployment Tax

  2. OPTIONAL – Detail Weekly Pay – Based on your payroll reporting, it may be easier for you to enter the amount paid to each employee by week during the Covered Period. This sheet provides a template for you to enter payroll information for each employee every week the employee was on payroll during the Covered Period. You can use this sheet to then total the amount paid to an employee during the entirety of the Covered Period and transfer this information into the Summary Payroll Template sheet.


What to expect after you submit

When you have completed these steps, you will receive the “Success page”.

At this point Rockland Trust will review your application and either ask you further questions or submit it to the SBA within 60 days.

Once a decision is reached, you have 30 days to dispute a decision should you wish. Then, the SBA has 90 days to review and approve the Forgiveness. Once approved if you do not have a remaining balance, your PPP loan process is complete.

If there is a remaining balance, payment on these balances will start 30 days after the SBA either remits the forgiveness payment to Rockland Trust or determines that no Forgiveness has been granted. If you do not successfully complete the forgiveness application process, then payments must begin ten months after the earlier of (i) the end of the Covered Period, or (ii) 12/31/20.

ppp timeline steps

If you have any questions, contact your relationship manager or our Customer Information Center at 508.732.3826.

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