Cash Management

 Cash Management

Comprehensive cash management services for your business.

At Rockland Trust, our relationship advisors use advanced financial tools to help you improve cash flow, maximize investments, lower costs and better control your company's funds.

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Remote Deposit

Imagine never again feeling the pressure to rush to the bank to make a deposit. With Remote Deposit*, you can make deposits electronically from your office computer. Plus, you get the convenience of making same day deposits up to 7:00 p.m.

How Remote Deposit works:

  1. Scan the checks to be deposited with the special scanner we provide. The scanner images both sides of each check and can even read handwritten dollar amounts.
  2. Transmit those scanned check images to Rockland Trust using secure software we provide.
  3. We print a copy of each check, called an image replacement document . This document then goes through normal check processing and the funds are deposited into your account.

Mobile Deposit

Make deposits anytime, anywhere using your Apple or Android device.

Lockbox Services

Turn receivables into working cash faster by having remittance payments sent directly to a post office box where Rockland Trust representatives pick up and process the items daily. Remittance information is then forwarded to your company for accounts receivable posting.

How Lockbox Services works:

  1. Rockland Trust sets up a post office box in your company’s name.  Various size boxes are available depending on your company’s needs.
  2. Your customers mail payments to your post office box. Each day, our operations professionals collect, process, and deposit your receipts. Checks are reviewed, endorsed, imaged and deposited into your account according to your specifications. If requested, credit card payments are accepted and processed. Non-bankable items such as correspondence, change of address forms, etc. are sorted and sent to the client.
  3. A daily report is transmitted to you via email. You may also download a data file to import into your accounting software.

Convenient, envelope-free ATMs

You can deposit cash and checks directly into our ATMs — up to a stack of 30 checks all at one time. No deposit slips or envelopes are needed. The deposits are verified instantly right on the screen. An image of each check, the denomination of each paper bill inserted, and the total amount deposited are printed on the receipt. 

*Certain account requirements apply. Subject to approval.

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