International Banking

Offering a variety of products and services to assist you in your international banking needs

We provide competitive pricing while assisting you in mitigating the risks associated with exchange rate fluctuation. 

Services include:

Payments & Collections
Process USD and foreign currency payments and collections fast.

  • Wire Transfer Service: Send wire payments to and from over 70 countries. Need to process an international wire? Find out what is needed 
  • Foreign Currency Drafts: Bank checks payable in multiple foreign currencies
  • Foreign Cash Letters: Cost effective method for clearing checks drawn on foreign banks or denominated in foreign currency

Foreign Exchange Services
Competitive exchange rates, hedging, efficient transaction processing, and market news

  • Speak with live FX specialist
  • Process spot transactions, forwards, non-deliverable forwards, and options
  • Leave overnight buy and sell orders

Risk Management
Eliminate or minimize foreign exchange volatility

  • Forward contracts: Lock in foreign exchange rates to protect profit margins and costs
  • Non-deliverable forwards: Decrease your risk in emerging markets when standard options aren't available
  • Swap contracts: Simultaneous purchase and sale of one currency for another with two different value dates (typically spot to forward)
  • Option contracts: Customize your currency strategy to fit your risk mitigation needs

Global Trade Finance
Manage political, credit, and performance risk associated with conducting business internationally

  • Import Letter of Credit: Guarantees payment to the seller only when the documents presented are in compliance with the terms of the Letter of Credit
  • Export Letter of Credit: Minimizes your risk of non-payment by foreign buyers; issued by an overseas bank on behalf of its customer
  • Import Documentary Collection: Typically used when both the importer and exporter are creditworthy and well known to one another; a payment method in which the exporter's bank remits shipping documents to us and in turn, we release these documents to the importer against payment in full
  • Export Documentary Collection: We act as an intermediary to control and expedite payment for export transactions
  • Standby Letters of Credit: Commonly issued in favor of suppliers to support an ongoing purchase of goods and in cases where banks are precluded by law from issuing letters of guarantees

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