Android Pay FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

About Android Pay

Q. What is Android Pay?

A. Android Pay is a mobile payment service that allows you to make purchases in stores or with certain apps by using your Android mobile device.

Q. Which Rockland Trust cards can I use with Android Pay?

A. You can use any active business or consumer Rockland Trust Debit Card.

Q. What devices can I use with Android Pay?

A. To use Android Pay, customers must have an NFC-enabled Android device running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or higher. The following devices running KitKat are not eligible for Android Pay because they lack an NFC antenna:

  • Evo 4G LTE
  • Nexus 7 (2012)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note III
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Lite

Q. Does Rockland Trust charge a fee to use Android Pay?

A. No. Rockland Trust does not charge a fee for customers to use Android Pay.

Q. What is a virtual account number?

A. Your credit and debit card number is assigned a unique virtual account number that's used at checkout, so your card details are not shared with the store when you pay. Think of it as a digital stand-in for your payment information.

Q. When will I need my virtual account number? How do I find it?

A. You'll need your virtual account number if you would like to make a return on an item purchased with Android Pay. 

To view the last four or five digits of your virtual account number go to "Card details' or "Transaction details" within the Android Pay app menu. Or hold your device near the contactless terminal and select the card you used to make the purchase.

Getting Started 

Q. How do I add my Rockland Trust Debit Card to Android Pay on my Android device?

A. Rockland Trust customers using an eligible Android mobile device will use the Android Pay app to add and manage their debit card(s). To add your card to Android Pay, you will open the Android Pay app and select the “Add Credit or Debit Card” option from the menu under the (+) button in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you already have a Rockland Trust Debit Card enrolled with Google Wallet, you can import it into Android Pay as your first card simply by selecting it from the on-screen list and confirming the security code on the back of your card.

To add a new or second Rockland Trust Debit Card to Android Pay, select the “Add Another Card” option and use the device camera to capture your card information or type it in manually. Some customers may also be required to verify the card with Rockland Trust. Once verified with Rockland Trust, your debit card will be ready to use with Android Pay on your mobile device.

Using Android Pay 

Q. How do I use Android Pay?

A. When making in-store purchases with Android Pay, simply unlock your mobile device using your fingerprint, PIN, pattern or passcode and hold it near the NFC-equipped payment terminal. You do not need to open the Android Pay app to initiate the transaction. The payment will automatically be processed using your default card. To pay with a card other than your default card, prior to making a payment you must unlock your mobile device, open the Android Pay app, tap the card you would like to pay to view the card details screen and select the option “Set as default card.” This will make the selected card your new default card. When you attempt to make a purchase with Android Pay, you will now be able to complete your purchase using the desired card.

Your experience with Android Pay may vary by merchant. If asked to verify the last four digits of your card number when making a purchase, provide the merchant with the last four digits of the device account number. This number can be found by opening the Android Pay app and selecting the desired card to view the detail page. You may also be asked to provide a signature or debit card PIN to complete your transaction.

Q. Where can I use Android Pay?

A. You can use Android Pay almost anywhere you can swipe your card or tap and pay. Visit the Android Pay site for more information on where Android Pay is accepted.

Q. Why is the transaction amount displayed in Android Pay different from what's in my online or mobile banking account detail?

A. If you make an Android Pay purchase with your debit card, the merchant may request authorization for an initial amount and send us the actual transaction amount later for payment. The initial authorized amount appears in Android Pay, but the actual transaction amount is deducted from your account. This happens frequently in places where:

  1. You can add a tip such as restaurants or salons.
  2. There can be a significant difference between the amount that's authorized initially and the actual transaction amount (gas stations, hotels, car rental agencies).

Important: Keep track of your transactions and ensure you have sufficient funds in your accounts to cover the final payment.

Q. How do I return an item that I bought using Android Pay in a store?

A. You can return an item to a store the same way as if you were returning an item with a physical card. Most merchants require you to have the original receipt with the payment card used for that transaction. You may be asked to place your device near the payment terminal’s card reader to complete the refund, the same way you would be asked to swipe your card during a return. For some returns, you may need to provide the last 4 digits of your device account number. You can find this number on the card details screen in your Android Pay app.

Managing Android Pay

Q. How do I change my default card to my Rockland Trust Debit Card?

A. To make your Rockland Trust Debit Card your default card, open the Android Pay app, then touch and hold your Rockland Trust Debit Card. Drag it to the top of the card stack and then release.

Q. What if I lose my Rockland Trust Debit Card?

A. If you lose your Rockland Trust Debit Card you should contact Rockland Trust immediately and mention that you are an Android Pay customer.

You can contact us one of the following ways: 

  1. Call 508.732.7072
  2. Visit a branch

We will close your card so that no more purchases can be made. You should also remove the lost or stolen card from Android Pay by going into the app and tapping the card you want to remove. Scroll down, and then tap Remove Card.

Q. What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

A. Your payment information is not accessible unless your phone is unlocked. You can find, lock and erase your device using Android Device Manager. 

In addition, you can call Rockland Trust to suspend or remove your cards from Android Pay.

Q. If I receive a replacement card, do I need to update my card information within Android Pay?

A. Yes. If you receive a new card with a new expiration date and/or security code, you will need to delete your old card from Android Pay and add your new card by going through the initial set up process.

Q. If I lose my phone am I liable for fraudulent purchases?

A. No. Whether, you use a device or your physical debit card, you are protected with Zero Liability 1 against fraudulent transactions.