Business Investment Management

You know how to make a profit. We know how to invest it wisely.

Invest your business funds with confidence.

Every business owner needs a group of talented professionals he or she can trust—especially when it comes to managing money. For more than 100 years Rockland Trust has earned that kind of trust from business owners by offering insightful advice and responsibly managing their funds.

A Rockland Trust advisor can:

  • Establish a business financial plan based on your business’ needs and objectives.

  • Create a customized portfolio designed for your business.

  • Provide on-going investment advice that’s tailored to your business.

  • Set up a retirement plan for you and your employees.

At the Investment Management Group, we offer comprehensive investment management services for all sizes of businesses. Our goal is to protect assets and build wealth for you and your business. To do this effectively, we take time to fully understand your organization, its needs, and your investing objectives and goals. 

For example, we work with you to determine how much capital to invest based on your liquidity needs—ensuring you’ll have enough cash for unforeseen expenses or new opportunities. Our investment managers design your portfolio to reflect a proper balance between your need for safety and higher returns.

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