Working with a Financial Advisor

Feel good about your future.

Perhaps the best reason to seek the help of a professional advisor is this: A financial advisor helps you organize and protect your entire financial life. 

Below are additional reasons why working with a Rockland Trust advisor helps secure your financial future. 

Save time
Most people don’t have the time or inclination to become fluent in financial strategies, research the best financial products, or monitor these components to make sure they’re all working together effectively. A Rockland Trust financial advisor does this work for you.

Clarify goals and objectives
At Rockland Trust, we work with you to sort out your individual goals and establish priorities. After all, you need to know where you’re going before you start planning the trip.

Get an objective overview of your financial situation
We look at every aspect of your finances: retirement, education planning, cash flow, estate plans, investments, insurance, taxes, and debt. We can give you a clear-sighted overview of your financial affairs.

In addition to the benefits above, a Rockland Trust advisor provides:

  • An appropriate long-term strategy: Our internal team of financial advisors collaborates to make sure your plan is on track. The portfolio manager reviews your investments to ensure they are in line with your goals and objectives. Our advisors check for optimum tax-efficiency.

  • A full array of pre-screened, high-quality investments and insurance: Our team recommends only the highest quality investments and works with major insurance companies with high ratings.

  • Total wealth management: All financial decisions are inter-related. For example, an investment decision could trigger tax consequences that affect an estate plan. It’s re-assuring to know that with Rockland Trust, you have access to an expert who can anticipate how each financial decision impacts your entire financial picture, including short- and long-range goals

  • Proactive monitoring: Your Rockland Trust advisor not only monitors your investments, he or she monitors your situation—looking for an event that may trigger a plan review such as impending retirement, birth of a child, loss of income—anything that affects your financial plan.

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