Investment Management


Focused on your financial future

At Rockland Trust, our Investment Management Group (IMG) knows what it takes to produce the best long-term investment returns.

Our experienced and credentialed team has a proven strategy that emphasizes diversification and downside protection — and the discipline to adhere to sound investment principles in the face of ever-changing investment fads and volatile markets. 

No matter what your investment goals, Rockland Trust IMG can help you plan for tomorrow with confidence. 

Diversification is the key

Protecting and building your wealth over time is achieved by adopting a disciplined, comprehensive asset management program focused on minimizing downside risk through broad diversification. Following a rigorous analysis, we build your portfolio using a balance of core equity, core fixed-income, and diversifying asset classes that address your unique circumstances.

Core equity comprises companies that stress growing earnings independent of economic variables and stocks that aim to consistently produce an above-average return with lower market risk over a full market cycle. Our selection process includes:

  • A proprietary, multi-factor screening process designed to identify the highest quality companies
  • An equal sector weighting strategy designed to provide downside risk protection
  • A disciplined team-based fundamental bottom-up research analysis
  • A quantitative, multi-factor forced-ranking system within each sector

By building a portfolio of the highest quality companies, equally weighted across economic sectors that have attractive market valuations, we are able to provide our clients with a portfolio designed to participate in up markets and protect principal in difficult markets, with superior adjusted returns.

Core fixed-income’s philosophy begins with avoiding default risk. By leveraging an active fixed-income ladder, a steady portion of your portfolio matures every year and is reinvested at the prevailing interest rate. Our disciplined approach focuses on:

  • High-quality issues
  • Flexible and liquid holdings
  • Non-callable bonds
  • Protection from interest rate changes
  • Rigorous credit analysis

Manager selection for diversifying fixed-income and equity asset classes. Our multi-step approach centers on finding disciplined and highly skilled managers who will deliver superior risk adjusted long-term returns. We utilize a number of qualitative and quantitative screens to evaluate all of the investment managers that are held within client portfolios. We focus on asset managers who: 

  • Have substantial investment experience in that asset class
  • Demonstrate a consistent investment style
  • Follow a well-defined and rigorous investment process
  • Take a long-term view (low portfolio turnover)
  • Incur low expenses
  • Exhibit a consistent risk-adjusted return profile.

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