Ms. Money at HOME

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At Rockland Trust Bank, we are committed to helping you have a healthy relationship with money – at any age. That’s why we provide engaging Financial Education programming to support you in the ways you need throughout the many stages of your life.

Our Financial Education Officer (known to many of your children as Ms. Money) has spent 10 years teaching elementary school children about saving, sharing and spending money through music, magic and dance in a show called Ms. Money & the Coins®. Since 2011, Ms. Money & the Coins® has performed 500 shows for over 70,000 elementary school children in Massachusetts.

If you missed the opportunity to have Ms. Money in your classroom, she now provides songs and activity sheets for families to enjoy and learn from at home! Lessons, songs and activity sheets are posted here and parent/guardians can sing, learn and laugh along with Ms. Money, Nick and Penny. Teaching your children about money can be challenging but Ms. Money can make learning about money fun!

Looking for some more Financial Education in your home or classroom? Contact Financial Education Officer at

Ms. Money at HOME Lessons: