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And, with step-by-step guidance from a knowledgeable, local mortgage lender, you can feel confident about your home financing.We guarantee that we will be ready to close on your residential loan purchase in 30 days or we will pay you $500 1 See Terms and Conditions for details. 

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1. Terms and Conditions : Our 30 Day close Guarantee (“Ready to Close” Guarantee) is subject to the following conditions. If any one or more of these conditions are not met, then this guarantee shall not apply, or shall be void: a. You must apply for a Purchase first lien closed-end mortgage loan for an owner-occupied, single family residential property that is to be occupied at closing as the Borrower’s primary residence. b. The 30 day period in which we must be “Ready to Close” commences only upon our receipt of Borrower’s completed mortgage loan application, including all supporting documentation. See Rockland Trust for a complete list of all required mortgage loan documentation required. By the end of the 30 day period, Rockland Trust shall notify Borrower that the loan is “Ready to Close.” Note that our guarantee is that Rockland Trust will be READY TO CLOSE. The actual closing may take place AFTER the end of the 30 day period. c. All additional information requested by us must be furnished within 48 hours. d. All pre-closing conditions shall be satisfied by the Borrower not later than 5 calendar days before the end of the 30 day period. e. This guarantee shall not apply if Borrower’s loan application is denied or withdrawn. f. Changes to the property, loan amount, loan program or loan type invalidate this guarantee. g. New construction must have a certificate of occupancy issued not later than the date of the appraiser’s inspection of the property. h. This guaranty shall not apply if the property requires construction, improvement or repairs prior to closing, or an escrow to fund construction, improvement or repairs after closing. i. The property must be located within Rockland Trust’s geographic lending area, as determined by our Residential Mortgage group. j. Our appraiser must be given access to the property within 24 hours of the appraiser’s contacting the Borrower. k. For all purchases, the property must appraise for equal to or more than the purchase price. l. This guarantee shall not apply if the Borrower fails to meet the underwriting qualifications for the loan, or if the Borrower requires an exception from standard underwriting guidelines. m. This offer is not valid for jumbo loans, VA loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, Mass Housing Bond programs, home equity loans, home equity lines of credit, construction loans, construction-to-permanent loans, vacation homes, second homes, properties purchased at foreclosure, properties purchased in a short sale, purchases involving grants or down payment assistance programs, or any loans requiring subordination of or creation of a second lien. Additionally loans on condo units requiring review of the condominium documents, and loans on co-op units are also excluded. n. This guarantee shall not apply to delays due to circumstances beyond our control, including Borrower’s or any third party’s inability or refusal to cooperate, furnish requested information or documentation, weather-related delays, and circumstances such as natural disasters and publicly declared emergencies. o. This program shall commence on April 1, 2015, and can be terminated by us at any time except for loans submitted prior to termination of this program, as announced on our website or other public announcement. p. Rockland Trust $500 check for failing to meet the conditions of this guaranty will be paid within 30 days after closing, and Borrower may be required to furnish a W-9.