Refinance rates 

Put yourself in a better place.

If you're getting ready to refinance, the experts at Rockland Trust can walk you through all your options.  Why might you want to refinance? Here are some potential benefits: 

  • Reduce monthly payments
  • Lock in a lower interest rate
  • Shorten the loan terms
  • Use the equity in your home

Rockland Trust offers two types of refinancing solutions. Compare them below to find out which one is is right for you.

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Express Mortgage

Traditional Refinance
What is it? A home equity product, this is a fixed term loan in 1st lien position. Must be used for refinancing. Quick, easy application with fast turnaround time. No closing costs. First mortgage on primary, second homes and investment properties. Standard mortgage application, which requires a full appraisal.
Repayment Terms Up to 20 years. From 10 years up to 30 years.
Best For People looking for a faster refinancing process for loans up to $400,000. People who select this product also enjoy no closing costs. Customers who are looking for various rate options, terms and higher loan to value. Also have the ability to roll closing cost into the loan which reduces out of pocket cost.
Interest Rate Fixed Interest Rate ( See rates ) Low Fixed and Variable Interest Rates Available
( See rates )
How to Apply Online , Telephone or In Branch Schedule an appointment or Find a Lender
or apply online

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