18/65 Savings

Senior & Kids Savings Accounts

Rockland Trust 18/65 Savings

You're never too young - or old - to start saving. Whether you're a teen eyeing a new car or a senior planning a trip around the world, our 18/65 Savings account might be the perfect fit for you.1

Exclusively for customers 18 years and younger, or 65 and over. To open today, visit a branch near you.

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Minimum opening deposit required: $25
Fees: Rockland Trust ATM - $0 
Non-Rockland Trust ATM- $2 from Rockland Trust 2

$1- for Balance Inquiries or transfers at Non-Rockland Trust ATMs. The party that owns or operates the ATM (or network) may also charge you an additional fee for the transaction.
Transaction Limits: You may make an unlimited number of withdrawals or transfers from your savings account so long as they are done in person at one of our ATMs or branch locations. However, federal regulations limit your ability to make certain types of withdrawals and transfers from these accounts. Under these regulations any transfers or transactions from your savings account to another of your accounts with us or to third parties by preauthorized or automatic means, personal computer (including online banking or bill payment services) or telephone (including facsimile or data transmission) are considered “Limited Transactions.” You are limited to a total of six (6) Limited Transactions from your savings account per statement cycle period. If you exceed your Limited Transaction limit on your 18/65 Savings Account we may assess you an Excess Transaction Fee for each Limited Transaction over the limit. Additionally, if you exceed your Limited Transaction limit on a regular basis, we may close your money market or savings account, or change this type of account to a different deposit account you are eligible to maintain.

To open an 18/65 Savings account, visit a branch today.

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1. 18/65 Savings with special benefits is only available to individuals age 18 and under or 65 and older. Savings account will be converted to a Free Savings account upon the account holder's 19th birthday.

2. Other banks may charge a surcharge fee for use of their ATM.