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Business Retirement Plan Services

Comprehensive fiduciary retirement plan services for your employees.

To attract the best employees, you need a valuable benefits package, and your retirement plan is a vital part. We'll handle the fiduciary duties so your employees can plan for their future.

Our Retirement Plan Services team is committed to assisting business owners and their employees with their retirement plan needs including:
  • Support plan sponsors in managing their ERISA fiduciary responsibilities to their plan, employees, and beneficiaries
  • Provide advice as ERISA 3(38) or 3(21) Fiduciary
  • Perform investment research, review and monitor fund investments to meet plan goals and objectives
  • Customized plan solutions including 401(k), 403(b), 457, 401(a), pension or profit sharing

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For more information on retirement planning, please visit our Retirement Plan Participant Resource Center.

Contact our Retirement Plan Services team.

Sean McGarry, AIF®
Vice President, Retirement Plan Services Manager

Kevin Flaherty
Vice President and Retirement Plan Services Manager

Brian Rocha, CFP®, CRPC®
Vice President, Retirement Plan Services Financial Consultant

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Business Insurance  Contact Us

Protect your family. Protect you business. Protect your legacy.

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Business Financial Planning  Contact Us

Financial plans customized for your business.

Your business plan is rock solid. Let us solidify your financial plan. We assist Massachusetts and Rhode Island businesses like yours by evaluating how your potential decisions could affect taxation, wealth preservation and overall financial security. Let's work together to get your business where you want it to go.

Focused on your company's financial health.

Guided by our financial planning services, your business's short and long-term goals can stay on track while we respond to any immediate needs based on changing circumstances. Our team works with you in multiple ways.
  • Evaluate your current financial position
  • Determine your business’s specific financial goals and risk
  • Develop a plan that suits the unique needs of your business

Business Investment Management  Contact Us

Protecting assets and building wealth.

Growing your business is your primary focus. Ours is making sure you have a business investment management plan to address your current needs and future goals. Join business owners throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island who rely on our attentive advisors for insightful advice and responsible management services.

A better investment plan for your business.

Our investment managers determine how much capital you can invest while still having cash to address new opportunities. We'll design a portfolio to reflect the appropriate balance between higher returns and cautiousness. Rely on us to pull all the details together in a comprehensive strategy.
  • Establish a business financial plan based on your business’ needs and objectives
  • Create a customized portfolio designed for your business
  • Provide on-going investment advice that’s tailored to your business
  • Set up a retirement plan for you and your employees