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Business Banking Resources

Providing Timely Resources for our Business Community

Learning materials for every phase of business. Whether you’re in the early stages or expanding a successful business, we have tools and tips to help your business thrive.

Small Business Shopping Guide

We have information on more than 100 local businesses from Burlington to the Cape to Worcester and everywhere in between.

small business shopping guide
Business Strategy Webinar Series
In our Business Strategy Webinar Series, our Business Banking and Treasury Management teams will be collaborating with expert partners to address the challenges being faced by business owners today.

Business Contact Form
Being a business owner is no easy task, which is why Rockland Trust is always here to lend a helping hand when you need it. For more information on our business services, you can fill out our easy online contact form.

Starting Your Business

Family Dinner

Catching up with Erin Baumgartner, CEO & Co-founder of Family Dinner

Watch our conversation with Small Business, Big Dreams contest winner, Erin Baumgartner.
3 min read

building a company

Building A Company: Q&A With Baking Steel’s Andris Lagsdin

Rockland Trust spoke with Andris Lagsdin about his company, Baking Steel, and how he built his business.
6 min read

business owner writing on a white board

The Abridged Guide to Writing a Business Plan

A great business idea is nothing without a solid business plan. Our business banking experts share important elements to consider.
8.3 min read

employee posting an we're open sign

How to Buy a Business

You have an opportunity to buy a business. The timing feels right and you’re confident about your idea. So, what are the next steps? Your trusted team can help determine if buying that business is the right move for your financial future.
6.8 min read

available real estate property

Four Tips for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate can be an attractive investment, but before you dive in, we suggests you read these four important considerations.
6.8 min read

Interest Rates 101: A Business Owner's Guide

Increases and decreases in interest rates will impact the cost of debt like business loans and how much cash you have on hand. Find out why.
4.4 min read

entrepreneur standing near door

How to Start a Franchise Business

Do you have a favorite franchise? Our Senior Market Manager for Franchise Lending Mark McGwin outlines how to start this type of business.
7.2 min read

entrepreneurs at florist shop

How to Start a Business

Thinking about turning your passion into a business venture? From which legal entity to employment law, there is a lot to consider.
7.7 min read

Growing Your Business

Best Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Top Talent in a Competitive Labor Market

Best Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Top Talent in a Competitive Labor Market

Here are four actionable steps to help get started with rethinking your company’s hiring and retention strategies.
4.4 min read

RND consultants

How RND Consultants Navigated its Second Anniversary Amid a Pandemic

Here is what Janice Bergeron, owner of RND Consultants, Inc., had to say about running her business during the pandemic.
4.3 min read

businesswoman running her bakery

Could Your Business Benefit from a Line of Credit?

Could your business benefit from a line of credit? We asked vice president and commercial loan officer Matt Verhamme about the benefits.
5.8 min read

woman working in a warehouse

The Benefits of Leasing for Business Owners

Not sure how the recent tax law changes should factor into leasing considerations for your business? One of our leasing experts broke down your options.
4.7 min read

construction worker

Managing Business Cash Flow and More

Starting a business is no easy feat. Growing your business to more than a million dollars in revenue in your first year? An extraordinary accomplishment.
5.4 min read

employees working together

How to Develop Talent Within Your Business

Our Talent Development Analyst, Meaghan Prior discusses how employers can nurture top talent.
6.8 min read

person holding money

How to Boost Your Company's Cash Flow Mojo

Do you have questions about managing cash flow for your business? We can help you navigate common cash flow challenges.
6.5 min read

business owner

Four Questions to Ask When Thinking About Business Expansion

If you’re considering expanding your business, an experienced and knowledgeable partner like Rockland Trust can help.
3.9 min read

Protecting Your Business

8 Ways to Protect Yourself from Fraud

8 Ways to Protect Yourself from Fraud

While you can't always prevent fraud from happening, you can take steps to protect your personal information and limit your exposure to fraud and identity thief.
5.1 min read

businesswoman reviewing blueprints

Four Key Banking Services For Today's Business Environment

It is clear that life is not going to resemble “normal” for quite some time due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Four banking services that may be of the most use to businesses right now.
3.6 min read

icons representing community support

6 Ways You Can Support Your Local Businesses and Community Organizations

Now is the time to rally around your favorite local businesses and community organizations. Learn more about how you can help.
1.4 min read

businesswoman on her laptop

Six Ways Business Owners Can Manage Financial Operations During COVID-19

Changes due to COVID-19 and economic uncertainty may affect your business. We share six financial business processes you can control during this time.
3.8 min read

man on his cellphone and laptop

Seven Steps to Prevent Business Fraud

If you act within 24 hours of a fraudulent incident, the chances of recovering your money dramatically increase. Learn more about protecting your business from fraud.
6.3 min read

cartoon of person on laptop and phone

A Business Guide to Combating Fraud

In honor of International Fraud Awareness Week, Rockland Trust recommends these five best practices for protecting your business from fraud.
1.5 min read

construction worker using sawmill

Making Sense of Commercial Banking Account Rates and Fees

Being aware of and understanding fees can help you to make more informed decisions about the banking products and services you really need.
5.2 min read

person on laptop near christmas tree

Protect Your Business Against Fraud This Holiday Season

Did you know that a record 82% of businesses reported fraudulent activities last year? Learn how to protect your business this holiday season.
5.3 min read

person on laptop near christmas tree

Protect Your Business Against Fraud This Holiday Season

Did you know that a record 82% of businesses reported fraudulent activities last year? Learn how to protect your business this holiday season.
5.3 min read

Managing Your Business

filing business taxes this year

What To Know Before Filing Your Business Taxes This Year

To help ease the pain of tax season, we asked Laura Jenkins, a tax partner with Citrin Cooperman, about a few things business owners should keep in mind when filing taxes this year.
7.2 min read

woman standing in her office

Why Is Branding Important For My Business

We asked, Alastair Ironside Chief Marketing Officer at Rockland Trust, why brands are important for small and medium-sized businesses.
3.1 min read

employees elbow greeting

Why Company Culture is So Important

Every single business has a culture. Our Assistant Vice President of Employment, Colleen Balboni shares why it’s important to intentionally define your company’s culture.
6.8 min read

entrepreneur at bake shop

How to Successfully Build and Maintain a Family Business

Turn your favorite family member into your business partner. One of our commercial banking experts outlines four best practices for building and maintaining a thriving family business.
5.5 min read

employees at florist shop

The Life and Death Reality of Business Succession Planning

Without succession planning, nearly seven out of ten family-owned businesses won’t survive into the second generation. There’s plenty of time to identify the right succession plan to keep your business.
4.9 min read

woman reviewing documents

How to Pay Your Business Bills

From checks to wire transfers, there are many ways you can pay your business bills. But which method is the right one? Our Treasury Management experts share what business owners need to know.
6.9 min read

employees at a networking event

Networking 101 for Business Owners

Like any other skill, networking takes practice. Meaghan Prior our Talent Develop Analyst shares five basic, but essential, networking tips.
6.5 min read

woman watching a conference

Resources for Minority, Women and LGBTQ Business Owners

What resources help you as a business owner? We compiled a list of resources for businesses owned by minorities, women and LGBTQ individuals.
5.2 min read

woman reviewing online documents

Why LIBOR Going Away Matters for Your Finances

LIBOR may go away in 2021 - what does this mean for interest rates and your financial strategy? Jonathan Nelson, SVP and Treasurer at Rockland Trust, shares what borrowers need to know.
5.9 min read

recruiter interviewing candidate on tablet

The Right Mix of Benefits for Employee Recruitment

Does your company offer any unique benefits that set you apart? Our experts suggest essential and nice-to-have benefits that can aid in recruiting new employees.
5.8 min read

woman reviewing online graphs

Managing Your Business Through A Changing Economy

Business Owners: Can you withstand economic change? Our business banking expert Joe Moser offers considerations to help you create a plan.
5.2 min read

employees looking at online information

A Deep Dive Analysis of the Latest Qualified Business Income Deduction

Rockland Trust Investment Management Group’s resident Trust Tax Services Officer explains some finer details on the latest IRS deductions for qualified business income.
7.3 min read

employees attending online meeting

How to Draft a Winning Team of Business Advisors

A strong team of advisors is necessary to help you with everything from developing a business plan to your day-to-day finances.
6.3 min read

benefits to help retain employees

Giving Them a Reason to Stay: Benefits that Help Retain Employees

Our human resources experts share some of the benefits that can help you keep your employees happy.
4.1 min read

Support Small Businesses

BirchBarn’s Strong Banking Relationship Supports Business Growth

Facebook Live Recap: BirchBarn’s Strong Banking Relationship Supports Business Growth

Here are five valuable takeaways for how to turn your passion(s) into a viable business.
4.3 min read

small business big dreams local businesses

Small Business, Big Dreams Contest: Meet Three Local Businesses Building Back Stronger

The winner will receive $20,000 to help achieve their goals, and the two runners-up will receive $2,500 each.
5.9 min read

small business big dreams logo

Meet Our Winner and Finalists

Small businesses are important pillars in our communities. Learn more about our Small Business, Big Dreams finalists, including how winner Family Dinner plans to use the $20,000 prize.
7.6 min read

small business big dreams contest logo

How Three Local Business Owners Got Started

Learn how these three local business owners got started. We spoke with each of these business owners about their individual, and very personal, path to running their own company.
8.3 min read

support small businesses may round up

Support Small Business May Round Up

Small businesses that give back to our communities need our support now more than ever. Check out our four May Support Small Businesses raffle winners.
4.9 min read

support small businesses april round up

Support Small Businesses April Round Up

We asked you about your favorite local businesses that give back to the community. Learn more about our April Support Small Businesses contest winners.
4.2 min read

arax market spotlight

Support Small Businesses Spotlight: Arax Market

“The community is the backbone of our business and we are proud to be here for them,” says Arax Market owner Betty Bassmajian. 
3.9 min read

flowers at florist shop

Support Small Businesses Spotlight: Between the Roses Florist

Between the Roses Florists Owner and Designer Patricia Westgate gives back to her community in many ways. 
2.7 min read

kids having fun a tumblefun

Support Small Businesses Spotlight: Tumblefun Gymnastics

As Owner Vicki McPherson says, “At Tumblefun Gymnastics, everyone is family!” Learn more about this Support Small Businesses contest winner.
3 min read

Mr. Carl's Hair and Nail Design

Support Small Businesses Spotlight: Mr. Carl's Hair & Nail Design

Mr. Carl's Hair & Nail Design has been serving customers in Somerset for more than 50 years. 
3.3 min read

elliot farm

Support Small Businesses Spotlight: Elliot Farm

It’s now more important than ever to support your favorite local small businesses. Learn more about Southeastern MA favorite Elliot Farm, one of our Support Small Businesses contest winners.
3.9 min read

dollys boutique

Support Small Businesses Spotlight: Dolly's Boutique - Simple Treasures

Local small businesses like Dolly’s Boutique ~ Simple Treasures have been supporting our communities for years. It’s time to return the favor. Learn more about owner Dolly Hardy’s story.
4.4 min read

yoga studio

Support Small Businesses Spotlight: B FREE Coaching & Wellness

“I designed B FREE so everyone could have a place to feel welcome, connected and unjudged. The community needs that more than ever, especially now,” says Ayanna Parrent, owner and founder of B FREE Coaching & Wellness.
3.2 min read

Customer Stories

studio apartment

Case in Point: How a Line of Credit Helped Brighton Marine Fuel its Veterans Housing Development Project

A line of credit can help your company fund important projects and ideas.
4.1 min read

baked pies

Fame, Fortune, and Pies: Centerville Pie Co.

Given the remarkable success of the Centerville Pie Co., and everything from its apple and cherry pies to its savory lobster and chicken pot pies, Broadley’s decision is a case study for any small businesses wrestling with when to grow and when to say no.
10.2 min read

couple playing golf

We Bought a Golf Course: A Couple's Love for the Game

Joe O’Connor and Jennifer Webster grew up 1,200 miles apart in far different parts of the country, but shared a common passion—golf. This past winter, the O’Connors both veteran golf professionals—purchased Holly Ridge Golf Club.
12 min read

zildjian factory

It Takes a Family: Secrets of Success of Family-Owned Businesses

Today, Zildjian is the world’s largest maker of cymbals and drumsticks for musicians and the oldest family-owned business in the U.S.
7.7 min read

oysters at the beach

Ode to the Quahog

Erik Bevans was tending bar one winter night in a small Brookline pub, explaining to a late-night regular that he wasn’t just an everyday barkeep. He had a real career, seasonal, running a small eatery on Cape Cod.
7.9 min read

business owners at their office

Making the Leap: Local Business Follows the Sign of Success

So when they were planning their wedding in Portsmouth, N.H., three years ago and couldn’t find suitable gifts for their siblings, they decided to do something special on their own.
8.8 min read

person working on their laptop

Making the Gig Economy Work with a Click

Zack Smith will never be one of those people who say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” as they watch a simple, innovative idea explode with success. Smith, and partner, Cory Bober, are smack in the middle of one of those simple ideas.
8.5 min read

candy shop

Social Media Strategy: Drives Sweet Results

“I know how to push buttons on the computer, but my son is the savvy one when it comes to social media,” said Ron Fedele, the owner of Fedele’s Chocolates in Pembroke.
8.2 min read

person holding a popsicle

A Career Born From a Popsicle Stand

Her childhood lemonade stand sparked her career in nonprofit research, and with the giving season upon us, Helen Brown has some advice for charity organizations.
8.3 min read

father and son having a beer

For Bay State's Craft Brewers, Being "Dad's Beer" Isn't Cool

One of the state’s leading brewers offers insights into this rapidly expanding industry – and cautions that not everybody can make good beer.
10 min read

cape cod lighthouse

Hospitality Company Proves Cape Cod Isn't Just for Summertime

Any discussion about the hospitality industry on Cape Cod is almost sure to include the word “seasonal,” and probably “temporary.” It’s unavoidable.
8.4 min read