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Security Center

With the current threats we face everyday, Rockland Trust would like to offer some tips that could help you keep your information safe and secure.

Beware of calls claiming to be from Rockland Trust
Scammers can "spoof" the name and number on a phone call in the hopes that you will answer the call. As a reminder, if we ever call you we will not ask personal identifying questions.
The FBI’s Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge
A free, educational program for children that teaches cyber safety with new graphics and updated content.

Coronavirus-Related Scam Information

Unfortunately, in times of uncertainty, fraudsters often take advantage of the fears surrounding the event. Click here to view the Federal Trade Commission’s site with specific coronavirus-related scam information.

  Rockland Trust Spoofed Website - Malicious Online Banking  

Rockland Trust is aware of a malicious online banking website being found in search engines and is currently investigating the issue.

If you see this website domain in search engines such as Google,, do not click on it, and do not enter your login ID or password information. 
  SBA Loan Scam on Personal Accounts  


  • A customer applied for a loan online (home loan, student loan, any other type). In turn, an  ACH is being credited to the customer’s personal account, with “SBA loan:" in the description.
  • Some customers are being instructed to either wire, send funds via Cash App (or other instant transfer service), or withdraw cash and send it via payment service, such as Western Union.

Be on the lookout and don’t fall victim to this scam.  Don’t let scammers use you to send them money.  If you find an unexpected deposit in your account, you should report it immediately.  Call us at 508.732.7072.

Information to help keep your accounts safe and give you peace of mind.

Reporting Fraud

One of the scariest things that can happen is identity theft and fraud.  Read the steps you need to take to protect yourself and how to report it should it happen to you.

Security Protection

Learn how to help protect yourself with password protection, your online accounts, and browser security.

Monthly Security News

Including monthly newsletters.  Each issue focuses on and explains a specific topic and actionable steps you can take to protect yourself, your family, and your company.

Debit Card Safety

Protect your account. Debit and credit card and online security are important to you and us. Because nothing is more important than your overall financial security.

Security Glossary

This glossary has been created to assist you in understanding security terms commonly used and in understandable language.

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