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Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

Lower initial rates mean lower monthly payments.

If your plan is to live in your home for only a few years, an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage can deliver lower monthly payments. Choose to lock in your rate for three, five or seven years before it adjusts based on market conditions. During your initial period, you'll enjoy rates lower than a fixed mortgage.
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A Rockland Trust Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) lets you lock into an interest rate for three, five or seven years. After this initial period, your rate is reset annually (based on a corresponding financial index) over the remainder of the 30-year term. 

Our ARMs come in the form of a conventional loan, as well as jumbo loans.
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  • The initial fixed rate and monthly principal and interest (P&I) payments can be lower than what you'll find with fixed-rate loans. 

  • Following the designated period, your interest rate could go up or down. However, the amount the rate can increase from year to year and over the life of the loan is capped to offer you a measure of protection. 

  • Remember, because the rate will likely increase, your monthly payments may be larger down the line.

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