International Services

Foreign Currency (Bank Notes) 

Whether vacationing overseas or traveling on business, Rockland Trust provides an easy, safe, convenient, and cost-effective means to purchase foreign currency for your trip. Plan ahead and exchange currency before you go so there is one less thing to worry about on your business trip or so you can fully relax on your vacation. 

We offer a number of over the counter currencies for purchase as well as a wide variety of currencies for special order. A number of our branches throughout eastern Massachusetts carry and can immediately exchange Euros, Canadian Dollars, and British Pounds (please call ahead to confirm availability). All of our other branches are able to take orders in advance and have the currency delivered to the branch within 1-2 days. If you have leftover currency from a recent trip, we can also exchange that money back to US dollars. Please contact your local branch for more information. 

Why exchange your money in advance?
  • Convenient and safe transaction with a bank that you know and trust
  • Get great rates with low fees
  • Quick turnaround on currency orders
  • Avoid language barriers
  • Over 80 foreign currencies available
Our full service branches have currency (EUR, GBP & CAD) on hand and immediately available.  Any other currency has to be ordered. 
Branches that are not full-service have to order all currency.  Please leave 1-2 days for currency to arrive. 

Arrive at Your Destination Ready to Go With Local Currency in Hand

Over 80 foreign currencies delivered right to your door.

Want to make your next trip even easier? With secure FedEx delivery, you can have the currency of your next destination delivered right to your doorstep. FedEx delivery costs $12.

Placing your order
This service is only available to Rockland Trust Customers. Before taking your trip, contact Rockland Trust in advance for availability of specific currencies and any fees that may apply. For more information on placing a foreign currency order, you may either call the Customer Information Center at 508.732.7072, or visit a branch and pay for FedEx delivery.

International Wire Transfer

Outgoing Wires

Sending wires in foreign currency instead of U.S. dollars is the cheapest, fastest, most efficient way to electronically transfer funds between international banks.

Click here to see what we need to process an outgoing international wire.

You can initiate an outgoing wire transfer through Rockland Trust Online or Mobile Banking. If you have any questions regarding your previously established money transfer services agreement call 781.982.6888 Option 2.

Incoming Wires

Rockland Trust can receive a wire from outside the U.S. in both U.S. dollars and foreign currency.  Click on the link below for wire instructions.  Please remember to NEVER send your bank account information over non-secure encrypted email. 

Incoming Wire Instructions

To check the status of an Incoming Wire Transfers call 781.982.6888 Option 1

Foreign Checks (Drafts)

A foreign bank draft is a check denominated in foreign currency that is drawn against funds deposited in a foreign bank. Foreign drafts clear locally in the beneficiary's home country. Rockland Trust offers foreign drafts in a wide range of currencies. Please contact your local branch for more information.

Foreign Check Conversion

Foreign denominated checks can be submitted to Rockland Trust for conversion to US dollars under a Cash Letter or as a Collection item. A Cash Letter may result in an immediate credit to your account for the check submitted and a Collection item means that the funds are not credited to your account until we have collected funds on the foreign item. 

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