Ms. Money's Classroom

Teaching children about money may be hard but singing about it can be FUN! Join Ms. Money and her students Nick and Penny as they try to figure out where Ms. Money's money went, the difference between a need and a want, and how exciting saving, sharing, and spending can be!

Ms. Money & the Coins presents Lesson 1: Another Day, Another Dollar
In "Another Day, Another Dollar," Ms. Money shares how she feels about money (through song!) and students engage in activities that explore their feelings as well!

Lesson 2 - Needs Versus Wants
How do I know if I need that or want that?
Lesson 3 - Did I Really Spend it All?
But there are just so many things to
Lesson 4 - Give a Little, Get a Lot
When I give time or give thanks, I feel good.
Lesson 5 - Make it, Save it, Share it, Spend it
When I have a plan, I feel ready!

It's never too late to learn about money!

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