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    Have questions about money? You’re not alone. Let us help you get the answers that you need to feel more confident.


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    With a joint commitment to prosperity and involvement, see how Rockland Trust is working with local business, A.D. Makepeace, to grow a local community.

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  • Big expenses ahead?

    If you have large expenses on the horizon, try tapping into your home equity. From home improvement to large tuition bills, l et the equity in your home work for you.


"With the right team in place, getting prepared for tax season doesn’t have to be an 

end-of-the-year fire drill.”

- Talking Business Advice Series

Relationships that Matter

"Invest in your most important asset."

- Chris Oddleifson, Rockland Trust

This year, Rockland Trust's CEO, Chris Oddleifson, spoke at the New England College of Business (NECB) commencement. He was also interviewed about Rockland Trust’s long-standing relationship with NECB and discussed the importance of investing your employees to strengthen your business.  

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