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Charitable Giving

How to Apply in 2019


Carefully review Rockland Trust’s giving guidelines.

Rockland Trust’s charitable foundation no longer accepts applications by email.  Please submit all applications electronically through our NEW online grant system.

New Grant Application

new sponsorship application

Resume SAVED application

Please reach out to Charitable.Giving@RocklandTrust.com with any questions.

Rockland Trust Contribution and Sponsorship Guidelines

These guidelines summarize the major factors which Rockland Trust and the charitable foundation affiliated with Rockland Trust evaluate in their charitable contribution decision-making.
Rockland Trust and the charitable foundation affiliated with Rockland Trust focus on supporting:
  • Education – Initiatives that raise the aspirations of students, enhance their knowledge, and support education
  • Health and Human Services – Programs that promote essential medical care and initiatives that focus on physical and mental wellness
  • Youth Programs – Programs that improve the quality of life for children and young adults
  • Community Development – Programs and projects that assist with community development
  • Affordable Housing – Programs that provide or support affordable or low-income housing
In accordance with our giving mission we favor proposals that:
  • Are directly related to education, health and human services, youth programs, and/or community development.
  • Help create a better future for children through innovative programs to help them achieve their potential.
  • Provide assistance to families at risk (e.g., heating, housing, mental health, and food assistance.)
  • Support economic growth and sustainability.
  • Encourage self-reliance.
  • Create systemic changes that address core community issues.
  • Produce cost-effective results which can be measured and evaluated.
  • Encourage coordination with other community improvement efforts
  • Demonstrate an ability to be sustainable or to obtain future funding, if needed.

United Way

Rockland Trust makes a substantial, unrestricted donation to the United Way each year which becomes part of the general pool of funds available to all United Way member agencies. The amount of United Way support already being received will be considered when reviewing requests from United Way member agencies.


Rockland Trust will not fund organizations that discriminate on the basis of:
  • Age
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Disability
  • Family Status
  • Receipt of Public Assistance
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity

Rockland Trust does not typically support requests from the following:
  • Religious organizations (activities for religious purposes)
  • Political activities or candidates for political office
  • Government agencies
  • Police and Fire organizations
  • Labor or fraternal organizations
  • Community/school sports teams
  • Individuals or families


Requesting organizations will not typically be approved for funding more than once per calendar year.  Requests are considered and awarded periodically throughout the year. If the contribution requested is desired within the current calendar year a complete application must be submitted by October 15th.


Request for a Grant

Information that must accompany a request:
  • Organizational summary (mission, goals, objectives)
  • Specific purpose for which funds are requested
  • Description of need for the project or services in the community
  • Amount requested and (if applicable) overall project budget
  • Most recent audit report (if applicable) or financial statements
  • How the success of the use of funds will be evaluated/measured
  • Amount of United Way support
  • Status of grant activity from other organizations, including approvals, denials and pending applications
  • Information on the organization’s leadership (e., Executive Director or other management and Board of Directors)
  • Copy of IRS letter confirming the organization’s federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3)status

Request for a Sponsorship

Sponsorships are marketing partnerships with an organization that align with our charitable mission and yield visibility. Other criteria that are considered when evaluating sponsorship proposals are positive impact on the community and quantifiable media value. Sponsorship opportunities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Rockland Trust requires a minimum of six weeks’ notice to review and approve a sponsorship request. Notice is based on the organization’s deadline for the submission of Rockland Trust branded materials, not the event date.

Information that must accompany a request for Sponsorship
  • Completed Sponsorship Application
  • Information requested above under Request for Grant
  • Event name and date
  • Deadline for submission of branded materials (ad, logo, etc.)
  • All $ levels of sponsorship recognition
  • Publicity opportunities (print and social media)
  • Volunteer opportunities for Rockland Trust employees
  • All requests that provide advertising opportunities must include:
    • Ad or logo deadline
    • Dimensions of the ad in inches
    • Format accepted electronically
    • Black/White or Color
    • Email address to send completed ad or logo