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Monthly Security News

Card Cracking

Card cracking is a type of financial fraud in which the fraudster promises easy money to entice regular people into sharing their debit card, PIN, and online banking credentials. To learn more about card cracking and the risks and consequences of this scheme, click here.

Rockland Trust Warning Customers of Texting Scam

Rockland Trust has received several calls from our customers that have received text messages from 707-679-0552 indicating their debit card has been locked due to a violation of terms and services.

The message provides a callback number of 831-222-1739. When the customer calls this number, they are prompted to enter their card number, card expiration date, security code, pin number, social security number, date of birth, postal code and street address.

Please do not enter any information.  This is a scam!   
Rockland Trust will never call, send emails or text messages requesting customers to disclose or "verify" personal information about their accounts. If you receive a suspicious email, please send it to If you receive a suspicious phone call or text message, or suspect that fraudulent activity is affecting your account, please contact our Customer Information center at 508.732.7072.

FDIC Consumer News


A type of malicious software (malware) that freezes your computer or mobile device until a sum of money is paid.  It can destroy personal and business files, leading to stolen data and large financial losses.  Learn more how to identify and prevent Ransomware.

Avoiding Money Wiring Scams

The Federal Trade Commission has released a video to educate consumers about the dangers of money wire scams. In the brief video, various scenarios are presented to illustrate how scammers try to convince consumers to wire money, including: lottery/advance fee scams, rental scams and the grandparent scam. The FTC encourages consumers to investigate claims before sending anyone money. View the video