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Overdraft Protection

An emergency backup for your finances

When life gets busy, sometimes you lose track of how much money is in your account or there's a delay in an automatic deposit. When that happens, our Overdraft services can cover you so you don't incur several costly fees and the embarrassment of a declined payment.

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Overdraft Options for Rockland Trust Customers

Peace of mind for your daily activity.

There are multiple Overdraft Protection services available with your personal Rockland Trust Checking account.

  • Overdraft Protection from Savings covers overdrafts¹ from your own Rockland Trust Savings account funds.
  • Overdraft Protection Line of Credit covers checks and withdrawals and is subject to credit approval.
  • Overdraft Privilege² is a discretionary service available to cover checks, automatic bill payments and other electronic transactions, for a fee³ and based on your privilege limit.
  • OKtoPay is an optional discretionary service available on our personal accounts that extends coverage to Rockland Trust Debit MasterCard® purchases and ATM withdrawals, for a fee and based on your privilege limit³.
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Q: What is an overdraft?

A: An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway.

Q: Do fees apply when an overdraft happens?

A: Yes. Overdraft charges apply any time we pay an overdraft on your behalf regardless of which Overdraft Privilege option you select.

Q: What is the advantage of OKToPAY?

A: OKtoPAY extends the same coverage as our standard Overdraft Privilege, but also covers ATM and debit card transactions. To take advantage of OKtoPAY you must opt in to the program.

Q: If I opt into OKToPAY , will my debit and ATM card transactions always be covered?

A: No. Items will not be paid when any amount exceeds your overdraft limit. It is not possible to determine in advance which individual transactions might be covered in the event of multiple over­drafts, pending debit card authorizations, or if your account is not in good standing.

Q: I already have an overdraft line of credit. Should I still sign up for OKtoPAY ?

A: Your overdraft line of credit will continue to be in effect as usual. If you would like to have additional overdraft protection in the event a transaction exceeds your available balance and credit line, then you should consider signing up for OKtoPAY .

Q: What is the difference between Overdraft Privilege and Overdraft Protection Line of Credit?

A: Overdraft Privilege is a standard service that comes with certain account types and allows your account to go negative in order to pay an item. Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is a contractual agreement which transfers funds from the Line of Credit to your account in order to pay an item.

Q: If I sign up for OKToPAY can I cancel it?

A: Yes, you may revoke your consent to the payment of ATM or debit card overdrafts at any time.

Still have questions? Call 508.732.7072 or stop by any Rockland Trust branch to speak with a banker who can help you understand overdraft options and determine the best way to manage your account.
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1. Transfers are limited to a maximum of six per calendar month per federal regulations.
2. Not available on the Renew Checking Account 
3. Overdraft, Uncollected and Returned Item Insufficient charges (our standard charges) are up to $35 for each debit transaction more than $5 that creates an overdraft on your deposit account. Negative balance fee is $35 — charged on 5th consecutive business day your deposit account balance is negative. Overdraft charges, Uncollected charges, or Returned Item Insufficient charges applied to “18/65” checking accounts will be $5 per item.