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Overdraft Services

 An emergency backup for your finances
When life gets busy, sometimes you lose track of how much money is in your account or there's a delay in an automatic deposit. When that happens, our Overdraft Services can cover you so you don't incur several costly fees and the embarrassment of a declined payment.


Overdraft Services for Personal Checking Accounts

  • This covers certain types of overdrafts by withdrawing funds automatically (up to your available balance) from either your Rockland Trust savings account, or separate Rockland Trust checking account held in your name.
  • Overdraft protection from a line of credit covers overdrafts on your checking account by advancing funds automatically from a line of credit to your checking account.
  • This is the standard overdraft coverage. This covers overdrafts on checks, automatic bill payments, and ACH debit transactions.
  • OKtoPAY extends the coverage you already have with Discretionary Overdraft Privilege to include Rockland Trust Debit MasterCard purchases and ATM withdrawals.
  • Provides the comfort of knowing your checks, bill pay items, ATM, debit card transactions, and ACH transactions will be paid, up to the available balance in your savings account or additional checking account, if you overdraw your checking account
  • Provides peace of mind by knowing transactions will be paid, up to your available credit limit, if you overdraw your checking account.
  • Offers flexibility for handling situations when unforeseen expenses deplete your account balance.
  • Helps avoid the inconvenience of bouncing checks and incurring fees that merchants charge for checks to returned to them.
  • Helps assure that your automatic bill payments will be made on time, even if your account is overdrawn.
  • Reduces the chances of having your debit card declined.
  • Available to customers with a Rockland Trust savings or an additional Rockland Trust checking account
  • Not available for Renew Checking customers.
  • Subject to credit approval
  • Not available for Renew Checking customers
  • Coverage is automatic for eligible for Rockland Trust customers2,3
  • Account must be in good standing
  • Not available for Renew Checking customers
  • Available to customers with personal accounts who qualify for Discretionary Overdraft Privilege
  • Opt in by completing the OKtoPAY form3
  • Not available for Renew Checking customers
  • You are limited to six (6) transactions from a savings or money market account per statement period. If you exceed this limit, a fee of $3.00 per transaction may apply.
  • $35.00 annual fee4
  • 18.00% annual percentage rate
  • $35.00 for each overdraft transaction paid (up to a maximum total overdraft charge of $175 per business day); $5.00 if your account is overdrawn by $5.00 or less5
  • $35.00 negative balance fee if your account remains overdrawn for five (5) consecutive business days.
  • $35.00 fee if the collected balance of your account is less than the available balance in your account
  • $35.00 fee for each transaction we do not pay due to insufficient funds; $5.00 for each transaction of $5.00 or less5
  • $35.00 for each item paid or returned; $5.00 if your account is overdrawn by $5.00 or less5
  • Discretionary Overdraft Privilege is enabled automatically and applied at the bank's discretion.
1 Discretionary Overdraft Privilege coverage is provided at the bank's sole discretion and can be suspended at any time without notice due to improper management of your account. Reasons for revocation include, but are not limited to: returned deposited items, excessive overdrafts, repeated continued overdraft periods, suspected fraud, or any other activity we deem to be inconsistent with our overdraft practices.
2 Bank pays overdrafts at its discretion and reserves the right not to pay. Any negative account balance caused by overdraft(s) and related fee(s) must be paid and the account balance brought to zero or positive immediately.
Overdraft charge (our standard charge) is $35 for each debit transaction more than $5 that creates an overdraft on your deposit account. Negative balance fee is $35 - charged on the 5th consecutive business day your deposit account balance is negative. "18/65" accounts will be charged a $5 per item overdraft charge.
4 This fee is waved for Rockland Complete Checking accounts.
5 This fee is reduced to $5.00 per debit transaction for deposit accounts that you have elected for coverage under the Massachusetts "18/65 Law." There is a daily limit of no more than four (4) such charges on deposit accounts that are covered under the Massachusetts "18/65 Law."

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