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 Alexandra R. 
Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School
Dartmouth College
Major: International Relations
What does community service mean to me?
“Community provides both a source of identity and a sense of companionship that illuminates the power of the human spirit."

Arielle G.
Canton High School
Tufts University
Major: Biology
What does community service mean to me?
“I believe it is essential that young people serve their communities; in doing so, they can actively bind people together, not only demonstrating support, but also taking a stand against societal divides.”

Brianna T.
Weymouth High School
Westfield State University
Major: Biology
What does community service mean to me?
“When you see your impact, you can see how there are other people who are less fortunate than yourself, making volunteering mean more than just gaining hours for school. When the younger generation learns about how they can make a difference through volunteering, it gives them the courage to make a change.”

Christina G.
Ursuline Academy
Cornell University
Major: Business with concentrations in Accounting & Finance
What does community service mean to me?
“Rosie’s Place solidified my belief that the future must be different than it is today. It showed me that volunteerism is crucial to realizing that these women deserve better, and we as society can do better. Rosie’s Place would not have had as profound an impact had it not been for my willingness to listen and to be changed, the same receptiveness that I will bring to the workforce and college.”

Christopher Z.
The Roxbury Latin School
Harvard College
Major: Mathematics
What does community service mean to me?
“To those whom much is given, much is expected,’ and being given an excellent education, school life, and family, I feel that it is only right for me to help out others through community service.”

Daniel M.
Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School
Michigan State University
Major: Games and Interactive Media
What does community service mean to me?
“Community service is an extremely valuable pursuit for everyone, especially younger people. It allows someone to express their gratitude, learn more about the things they care about, and help bolster their sense of self-esteem.”

Emilia M.
Arlington High School
Johns Hopkins University
Major: Psychology
What does community service mean to me?
“Community service gave me a sense of purpose and reinforced my goals to choose a career in public health and biology.”

Jeremiah C.
Sturgis Charter Public School East
Harvard College
Major: Computer Science & Government
What does community service mean to me?
“Volunteerism from a young age is important because it has positive mental and physical health benefits. It boosts self-confidence and happiness when giving back to others.”

Joshua K.
Boston College High School
Georgetown University
Major: Computer Science
What does community service mean to me?
“In both college and my future workforce, no matter where it is, homelessness will likely be prevalent in the community. Being able to understand what the homeless truly go through will allow me to have a more socially-conscious mindset, and make my future work more meaningful.”

Lindsey A.
Somerset Berkley Regional High School
Providence College
Major: Biology & Music
What does community service mean to me?
“We've seen the best of humanity at the worst of times and believe that a tragedy doesn't define who we are, but how we respond to it does. And as I prepare for the next chapter in my life I know that giving back and a concern for the global good is an essential part of the narrative as I strive to become the best version of myself that I can possibly be.”


Shazain K.
Hopkinton High School
Brown University
Major: Neuroscience
What does community service mean to me?
“When I enter college and go onto my profession as a neurosurgeon, I will be utilizing these very skills in forming relationships so that I can try to bring about meaningful change in my community and bring happiness to the populations I serve. After all, I believe the most vital piece to understanding humanitarianism revolves around its root word: human.”